Sept already?

The longer you put it off,
the more you procrastinate,
the harder it gets to post.
To many things happened between then and now.
I’ve just been struggling with this blog again the last while.
Ok, a long, long while, as you can tell.
I need to start posting every day.
But what to write?
You’d get tired of it too.
The Daily Chronicle of the Life of Shannon.
I really have nothing to say tonight. 🙂
Those are the scarey posts.
And Pioneer Woman told me I’m suppose to post.
So. there.
I will.

Some days are dry.
Nothing but the same old, same old.
Everything goes wrong.
No one listens.
No one cares.
You feel like sitting down for a good cry. Like these guys.


Usually you can find a rainbow somewhere.
Or you can at least try!
If you can’t find one, your kids will find one for you.
Kids seem to be eternally optimistic.
Which is a good thing for me cause I’m a pessimist.
There are no rainbows on bad days here.
(Not that today was a bad day or anything)

Talking about opposites, Reagan tends to be more pessimistic and Madison is the optimist. Reagan has been loooooonging for her birthday for ever so long. The end of May and all of June are just bad months for her cause Eric, Madison and I all have a birthday, plus a lot of other people she knows. “Mine will never come!” she says.
The other day I thought of it that she had quit asking when her birthday will be, so I said something to her that she will be having a birthday in a month. Her mouth fell open and she says, “A month! So soon? My birthday! That soon?”
 She was quiet and thought about it for awhile and then asked, “How many days is a month?” “30”, I said. She was quiet again and then she whispered, “Madison, can you count to 30?”
So Madison started counting. The longer she counted, the longer Reagan’s face got. When she finished, Reagan was quite blue. “30 days is a long, long time. I thought you said my birthday was soon!”
So says the pessimist!


Did you ever wish you were this cute?
And she is as smart as she is cute too.
Her mom won’t like this.
I wish I could think of a story to tell on her but right now my mind is blank.
Maybe later.


Aren’t these guys funny?

I did a photo shoot with these 2 the other day. They are so-so funny. Even while I edited the photos, I laughed at them. My photos from that day are full of story lines like this one, running around, playing, laughing and being hilarious. There were very few where they were just sitting down and smiling, but these make the best photos with 2 little charmers like this.


Honestly, if I wouldn’t know winter was coming, I would be seriously in love with fall. This weather is just awesome. Hot blooded me, loves this cooling off. As we speak a fan is blowing cool air INTO the bedroom. ahh. lovely.
But when fall comes, winter always follows too closely on it’s heels so, I just can’t like fall for that reason.


Since my Charmer and the Optimist and Pessimist are in bed, I should go there too before to long.
School tomorrow. Not that the Charmer would ever let me sleep in anyway if there weren’t school.

7 thoughts on “Sept already?

  1. Yup, you should post every day.  That way I’d start my morning off with a laugh, you know.  Cause I might have to start counting days to 30 to if you don’t and you, know, I’m kind of like Reagan. 🙂  CUTE pictures by the way!  I love the two little boys … how did you manage to keep 2 kids that age IN the same picture?  Oh, yes, sticks.  I get it. 🙂  I so get you on the being a pessimist thing and having an optimist child.  But even more I GET you on the fall / winter thing.  I keep kind of, sort of, *almost* getting close to admitting that it’s kind of fun to pull out a sweater again, or light a candle, but then I remember winter and I just start wailing for summer all over again. 🙂


  2. Loved the post!!  I’m just so glad I got to meet some of you ladies!!  Now when I read your posts/comment’s It’s more real and just fits you/them:)  I’m very with you on liking fall, BUT…..


  3. I am trying to “live in the moment” with the whole fall thing and enjoy it for what it is, but I agree, its very hard with the knowledge of winter ahead. Maybe that’s why children are such optimists a lot of the time…they don’t know what is up ahead like we do. Cute pics, too!


  4. YOu have some beautiful pictures. your story was worth reading this morning. maybe you should post everyday. I guess PW was right. i love her website to, i check it several times a day. 🙂 My husband thinks im crazy. I am have a few of her recipes on my menu each month. and tonight will be one of them.


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