Family busyness

I love summer but there are some days (and weeks) I would love to stay home for days on end with not much to do. It feels like we run from one thing to the next and barely get a breather in between. Busy corn days, short vacation days, family reunions, Dr and Dentist appointments. Taking girls here and there and everywhere, family coming and going, going to spend more time with family… Summer, you are flying by too quickly.


The wonderful “corn” day is over with… so happy about that!!! It really wasn’t as bad this year since we rented a cleaner and the kids could run it! But of course they fought to shove the corn in and spray the water and do this and do that. Did I do that when I was a kid? I sure can’t remember! πŸ™‚

Mr. D wasn’t such a happy camper. There was no dry, clean place to put him so I set up the pack and play but he hated it. I gave up and let him crawl. The crawling and getting dirty doesn’t bother me, but he puts everything in his mouth, everything!! Finally gave him a little ear of corn to chew on and he was happy with that.

That was Monday.

Tue we left on a short vacation with friends of ours. I grew up in the same community as Mike and Lisa. Didn’t really know Lisa that well, was good friends with Mike’s sister but since he was sooo much younger (2 yrs ) I didn’t hang out with him a lot. A few years ago we were both in FL at the same time, met up and had a grand time together. Our girls are the same ages and love playing together so we try to get together occasionally.

Wed. was a hot Zoo day with the kids! It was tolerable if you kept moving, stop for any amount of time and the sweat started to drip! The animals weren’t as chipper as usual but the girls still liked it. 4 giggling girls, all with ideas of their own can be quite interesting to watch and listen too! πŸ™‚

{Tyra and Reagan}

Since the weather was cooking us, we headed back to the motel and the Dads and kids hopped into the pool while Lisa and I did a wee bit of shopping. I’m tellin’ you, it wasn’t long enough to make up for the guys and their golf outing the day before, but we survived! Ice cream, shrimp and late nights after the kids were in bed were the best! πŸ™‚ Good times!

{kiddos minus Dakota}

Dakota….. for as hot as it was on Wed, he was such a trouper. Sat in his stroller and looked around, never cried. We kept him eating and drinking, got him out occasionally but for the most part, he was happy to sit and watch! I was impressed with him.
(he ruined that impressed state of mind on Thur)

{Mike’s kids}

On Thursday we went to the Creation Museum.
(I can never spell Museum)

It was full. I think it was a “before school starts” rush or something. As previously stated, D was not a happy camper. We could barely get around with the stroller and there was just nothing to entertain him and well…. I was very ready to leave till the day was over.

Check out Mr Adam and his animals. Someone said he had to name them before Eve came along or they would have never agreed on what to call them! πŸ™‚

I would like to go back sometime without a small child along. There are lots and lots of things to read, to look at and it just takes T-I-M-E, lots of time. The girls did fine, it was interesting for them, but Dakota, not so much. It was very good for Madison to walk thru and I think it helped her get a better understanding of sin, the consequences and all of that. She asked lots of questions and I wish we would have had more time to for better answers. Very interesting place!

{Our wee wittle family}

We headed for home Thursday afternoon and did a fast and flying clean of the place on Friday before our weekend company of Mom, Dad, Tim & Sarita arrived!

While they were here, Sarita gave Dakota a Chocolate Cupcake, to get him ready for his birthday, it’s not till Nov!!! She set it down in front of him and he whipped it of the table and smashed it into his mouth so fast I didn’t even get a picture!! He was hilarious. He sat with his hands crammed into his mouth for a long time cause there was so much cupcake jammed in it! After awhile, he played in it, and loved it!!! I think he’s ready for his birthday!

We had a Yoder Reunion on Sunday with Mom’s family. Had a grand time catching up, laughing, talking, listening to old stories, and of course eating. Lots and lots of chocolate desserts were consumed! (by everyone but me)

They had corn hole tournaments and the competition was high!

Mark talked about appreciating our godly heritage and also about preparing to fill the shoes of the ones in front of us. Some day we will be the “older” ones, the ones setting the course. Are you ready? What are our plans? Do we know where we are headed?


And so, that was last week, this week is much better, much slower paced and we’re all a bit happier. I think. Madison finished her summer work from her teacher so she is happy about that. They get to have a night out and a slumber party once school starts if their work is all done. Reagan, not so happy. “I never get slumber parties!” Sorry girl, life is not fair! πŸ™‚

Here are old words I read the other day that blessed me again.

“Teach me your way O Lord, and lead me in a straight path…
Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen thy heart!”

Go with God.


4 thoughts on “Family busyness

  1. A CORN CLEANER???!!!! Where in the world do you get one of those? Only in Ohio, I suppose!;)It looks like you’re having a fun summer! Babies can make ordinary days…feel long and wearing…much less “vacation days”. Sorry. Been there. Now you have stories to tell him when he’s older!


  2. Looks like you’re having fun!  I kind of wish we could do all the busy stuff in the winter so it would fly by then we’d lounge around in the pool all summer.  Then again, who wants to do anything in the winter w/ coats on?  Not me.


  3. I am almost sure we were at the Creation Museum the same day as you. About the time I decided that I think  it was you, I didn’t see you again and I was disappointed that I wasn’t bold enough to say something immediately. It was very crowded! – Sylvia


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