Family Camping

We went camping. For the first time.

We didn’t camp when we were growing up, didn’t camp when we were teenagers for sure, just not something we did unless the Yoder’s went on rare occasions, then it was cause for a HUGE excitement.
But I finally talked them into going.
Yes, me, the non-camper, wanted to go.

Earlier this year it kept coming up, “What shall we do? Go camping? Go on a day trip? Do a Zoo day? Anyone have any ideas?” I knew if we drove out for the weekend, I would not feeling like packing up on Sat Morning and driving somewhere for the whole day, so I pushed for the camping. We thought maybe we’d see just a leeeettle more of the guys that way, too. We did. I think. Just a little.

We chose the hottest weekend in July, soooo just bring your fan along and bring an extra one just in case the people from Ohio (who never camp with fans) need one. Or go home and get another one, just in case. So we stayed cool. Between that and the rain, we were cool.

The fans came in handy when the firewood was wet.
Or to blow when the smoke was rolling.
(the smoke was supposedly to keep the mosquitoes away)

Sarita entertaining little people with silly bands. (while sitting in front of the fan) πŸ™‚

Guess the heat didn’t get to them quite so much as close as they are sitting. πŸ™‚

These 2 created and pulled up some wild and loud boys, let me tell ya!
But… without the loud and wild, we wouldn’t have half the fun.
Late night haircuts, bacon at midnight, crowding under the awning while it poured down the rain. Duck taping holes in pop-up roofs, eating good food, grilling and sweating, telling stories, laughing, playing games…good times.

Mr. Lance tries to hide every time I get close!

He forgot and smiled just a teeny tiny bit. πŸ™‚

There were lots of bike rides, stroller rides and fights, lots of walking… we had to walk a lot to get ready for the next meal. πŸ™‚

My wonderful Mom and I. I really wouldn’t have needed to bring anything but clothes along, she brought so much stuff. πŸ™‚ Wonder if we even opened all the rubber maid tubs and coolers she packed.

I brought toys for Dakota and Katelyn found this polly in the basket. She rocked it back and forth and cuddled it then she picked up this sippy cup and gave it a drink. πŸ™‚

Madison took a dive into a picnic table and beat up her face. She had a fat cheek for awhile.

After a week at Grandma’s I was ready to see Reagan and Madison even if they said they weren’t ready to see me. They both declared they weren’t ready to see Mom and Dad, just Dakota. πŸ™‚

Some Daddy time.

Sat evening the guys played frisbee, the kids ran all over…


A rousing game of “Drop the Hankie” was played with the kids. Running and wet grass, not a good combo!

We went down to the fishing pier to take a picture.
Rule #1. Make sure the lady taking your photo actually know how to use a camera. This one didn’t.
Oh well, we’re kinda fuzzy and blurry in real life so we may as well have a “true to life” photo. πŸ™‚

Even with all the rain and the heat, we had a good weekend.
At least I thought so.
Not all the votes have come in yet so the jury is still undecided.


9 thoughts on “Family Camping

  1. Shannon – you really are slipping.  First, you suggest camping.  Then you put 3 (yes I said THREE) pics of yourself in the same post.  I mean, really!  I am completely & totally impressed with you!   All joking aside…I love posts like this that show how much fun family times can be.  The 2nd pic of Lance is completely adorable & I love the pic of you & your Mom.  So glad you made great memories.


  2. Looks like you had an awesome camping trip inspite of the heat and rain.  Laura said last night “mom, we need to go camping!”.   I gave the excuse that we don’t have a camper,  she came back with the reply, “we can use Daniels”.


  3. Sometime I want to go camping w/ a camper instead of a tent.   I’ve got to say, camping is about the coolest activity with kids.  You never have to clean up after them b/c all the food mess just goes on the grass.  They are running around outside getting exhausted instead of whining in their car seats.  Although I think I’d choose a slightly cooler weekend. πŸ™‚


  4. @thegrabertribe – Bahahha. Guess I’ll have to delete some. Didn’t realize it was so many! πŸ˜€ @candlemakermom – Smart child! πŸ™‚ And I would use the same excuse if we didn’t have one! @smilesbymiles – You really do need to go with a camper, WITH air conditioning. I always hated camping because of sticky-yucky tenting feeling, but with a pop-up with air conditioning, I can handle it!!


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