Madison’s birthday party

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for awhile now and it just seems like this rat can’t keep up with the race!!! Tonight I am finally at home, the kids are in the tub, I am half asleep sitting here, but we’ll give it a shot.

Back in Feb, I think it was, our youth group did a slave auction for money to go on a mission trip. There were cookies, and suppers and work nights, and ironing, windows cleaned, cars detailed, school children driven and much, much more sold that night! One thing we bought was a birthday party. Not just any birthday party, but a tea party birthday party done by Krista and Michelle.

Madison’s 7th birthday was the week of swimming classes, the next week was VBS so it was put off till the week after that, but I don’t think she really minded. She was looking forward to her birthday for so long, and when it was over, she still had one more thing to look forward too.  THE party!

I picked up 6 little girls that afternoon, and amid a huge down pour of rain, we raced into Krista’s house. It was going to be outside under a tree but the rain changed their plans at the last minute so they had to hurry and throw a few things around and set up inside.

Let the fun begin.

They wined and dined on all kinds of little girl things.

Punch in goblets, (of which they consumed more then normal because of the goblet)
little tiny pizzas, piggies in a blanket, cheese curls, fruit kabobs and little cupcakes.

After that was all served, they brought the tea with little sugar cubes to stir in them. I think some of them had some very sweet tea because it was just so much fun to use the sugar cubes.


Tea being served by the lovely Michelle.

The guest of honor. They always started by serving the next item on the menu to her and then went around the circle.

The youngest and smallest guest sipping on her tea. Was she ever excited about getting to go with the “big” girls!! šŸ™‚ She talked about it for days before and after.

They were so so funny to listen to. They tried to be prim and proper, but their every day actions would catch up with them. Brooklyn was sitting there, elbows on the table, happily munching away. Delanie looks over and says, “Brooklyn! I watched a DVD on proper manners and you are not suppose to put your elbows on the table!” Brooklyn totally ignored her and kept right on munching!

Reagan sits like such a proper lady, I know.

They would sip, sip sip then call, “Krista, may I please have a refill.” and then everyone would giggle! šŸ™‚

Brooklyn adorned her neck without her Mother’s help. During a moment of silence, she announced to everyone at the table, “My Mom says with one more necklaces my head will snap off!” šŸ™‚

When they were finally done eating, they got the gifts out and ohhed and ahhed for awhile.

All the pretty ladies!

I went home after this and they stayed all afternoon, playing games, jumping on the trampoline in the sprinkler and a whole lot more. When they came home they talked so fast I wasn’t sure what all had happened.

According to Madison “It was just the BEST birthday. EVER!”
And of course, the smallest guest says, “When it’s my birthday, can we do this too?”

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