Enjoying life

I’m feeling all “Miss Domestic” this morning.  The house was a T-total mess from leaving non stop the last 2 days. It was driving me nuts-o very very fast!! There were ants smashed all over the floor from the colony that moved in. There were gummy marshmallows under Dakota’s high chair, chocolate cake crumbs under the girls chairs from breakfast. Yeah, I know, Chocolate cake for breakfast, but sometimes that’s just how things roll around here. The counter was FULL of dirty dishes because of racing out the door to VBS last night and coming home and falling into bed. I didn’t even want to get up this morning.


Things are slowly shaping up. Coffee is down, hot flash over with, bread in the mixer, dishes washing in the dish washer, the rest of them in self dry mode on the counter top, floor still littered with ants but that’s coming next, baby back in bed and Monster cookies coming up, without m&m’s. (that will throw you chocolate lovers in tizzy!) . Ahhh the life! Supper is being made, but things are ok here, even in the mess!


 I was depressed about life and just the hum-drum of it awhile ago. Same old, same old, every day! Get up, pack Eric’s lunch, find something to eat, kids get up, go through the motions of taking care of them, do this, do that, do laundry and what in the world am I getting out of it? Seems like the house is ALWAYS a wreck, something or someone is always yelling at me. There is never enough of me to go around and always to much for me to do.


Then Madison had her 7th birthday.


I could remember it like it was yesterday, finally, finally finding out I was pregnant, waiting 9 long months, going over due and thinking it would never end. Finally, finally, going into labor and what a LABOR it was! Sitting in the hospital, holding that tiny baby and now she just turned 7. What happened?


Did I enjoy those last 7 years like I should have? I’ll never get them back. Did I sit down and play games with her or tell her I’m too busy? Maybe I was too busy and didn’t do everything by the book, but I can start doing a better job now. I am the kind of person that just rush, rush, rushes through everything. Gotta get this done so we can do that. Hurry with this, hurry with that. I don’t take time and savor those moments.


By all means, I am gonna start trying. Remind me to keep trying, cause I know I’ll forget. I want to sit down today and hold Dakota for awhile, because he’ll never be this age again. Although you really can’t just sit and hold him, it’s more like fight to the death to keep him on your lap instead of climbing up the walls around you! I want to talk to Madison, play with Reagan (although playing is NOT really my thing). We made our monster cookies this morning and they dumped and poured and cracked eggs and were so happy.

(I gave them a can of shaving cream to play with) 🙂


So even though this is much, much later getting posted, and the floor is still littered with ants, food and toys, they are happy and I feel better about life because I am enjoying it and not rushing through it.


Try it sometime.


13 thoughts on “Enjoying life

  1. Well, I always make Monster Cookies without M&M’s too because my hubby doesn’t like chocolate. But I put in Reese’s Pieces instead and that is really yummy. You should try it ~Michelle H.


  2. I thought there for a for a moment that I was reading something that I wrote! We had a hectic weekend and Mon. morning I got up to a kitchen that I didn’t want to see. Things are still not all in place, but it’s a work in progress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. I can so relate.  That sounds just like my life!!  I am really trying to “savor the moments”, too.  If it helps you any, I haven’t cleaned for 2 weeks and my kitchen floor is sticky and crumby.  


  4. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that struggles with this…I am learning, slowly, that me sitting around for 10 minutes and just hanging out with the kids doesn’t mean I am going to turn into a lazy slob.  Good for you and keep it up with learning to keep your priorities straight.


  5. Great thoughts on enjoying life.  I try to keep this in mind: “The value of my day is measured not by what I have accomplished but rather by what I have invested in relationships.”  The crumbs on the floor and the dirty dishes on the counter don’t matter when you have people to spend time with.  That means your kids!  Enjoy!


  6. Today has been my T-totally frustrating day.  I loved what you said about “I can start now” instead of a long rant of regrets of things you could have done.  Every night I say to myself, I can try again tomorrow.  And sometimes (like today) we have to start over again mid-morning.  Got to say your bad day was way more productive than mine feels. 😦  Yeah, I’m still feeling kind of frustrated inside.  Maybe we’re going to have to start the afternoon over, too.  At least the boys are both napping for the first time this week.  So maybe, maybe, a few minutes to myself will help turn things around.


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