I’m feeling rather pleased with myself…
I mentioned in one of the last few posts that I let Sarita do my creative painting and things like that… cause I usually mess it up. I did mess up a project I tried the other week again, might show you and get some input if the next round of trying doesn’t turn out.

But anyway, back to the pleased feeling.

Jenny had a giveaway a few weeks ago.
It was for Red Letter Words and I would have loved, loved, loved to win.
Who wouldn’t have??
Lots of people entered.
I didn’t win.

I wanted this one.

It just fit so well with Dakota’s birth and the years we spent waiting and praying for him!

I just really, really wanted it.
But I didn’t want to pay the price!
$55. Just couldn’t do it.

But I got to thinking.
I can do this myself.
I scrapbook, why can’t I make my own?
Well, design my own, but get it printed.

So I did.
I designed it along the same lines as the one from Red Letter Words.
Uploaded it to Mpix and got it mounted on a foam core.
Red Letter’s $55. Mine $20.

Now granted, it doesn’t look {quite} as nice as theirs, but I am happy.

So far it’s just propped here beside Mr Curious George. (that was given to me when I was a baby)
One of these days I want a really nice old shelf to sit it on.
A project for some other time. (maybe)

One other thing about this mount. Madison was looking at it when I got it back and was asking what it meant. I explained it to her and she says, “Well, why does it just say “I prayed?” I helped pray for him too, not just you!”

14 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Very cool!  I’m impressed.  And still wanting to get my mom to hand paint on my wall like I was going to have her do when we moved in long before Red Letters was sweeping the nation by storm.  You inspire me to make it happen.


  2. Very, very nice!! I just love it when you can make some  creation of your own and it doesn’t even cost half of what the original one was. I like trying to make something out of little of nothing….but of course sometimes it turns back into nothing


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