Why can’t my house stay clean for more then 2 days?

Why does my daughter have to rip her best dress?

Why can’t I catch up with my work?

Why does my 4 year old give her half empty plate to her 6 month old brother?

This was the other day. Today looks even worse, believe me.

Why are there so many questions?

Why are there snotty noses?

Why is the entire area under the table covered with noodles, crackers and applesauce?

Why do we try and hide our worst moments?
Everyone has them.
Why hide them?
Why not relax and be happy with who we are?


Why is my 4 year old is eating applesauce out of the bowl?
Surely she knows better.

Why is the Russian Federation browsing my blog?

Why do we have to plant a garden?
Or weed it?

Why are my flower beds full of weeds instead of lovely blooming perennials like some peoples?

Why can’t life just be sprinkles on a cup cake?

Why can’t I just go with the flow, kick back, relax and enjoy life instead of stressing?

Why do I criticize so much?

Why don’t I enjoy the small things in life?


Why do I think THINGS are so important?

Why doesn’t my dryer have a buzzer so I can get the clothes out before they are wrinkled silly?

Why is the glass always half empty and the trash always full?

Are my kids going to need counseling someday because of me?

Why are there uglies with every pretty?

Why are we shriveled upside, dead and ugly, but on the outside pretend we aren’t?

Why don’t we ask for help?

Why don’t we help someone we see hurting instead of talking about them?

I look at my girls and they are like this bud, all ready to open, but what are they going to face?
Why can’t I just keep them locked up for awhile?

They are so sweet and innocent now.
Why does life have to be so real?
Little girls shouldn’t have to ask why some people are mean to them.

Do you ever just get tired, tired, tired of life?
Guess it’s good we do, we’d never want something better.

Why does the cat keep shedding hair all around here?

Why don’t I feel like ready ANOTHER Bernstein Bear book?

Why is there never enough money to go around?

Why do tired little boys never want to go to sleep?

Why can’t I be good at this and this and this like she is?
But if I could do everything I wanted, I wouldn’t need anyone else.

Why does it feel like there never enough of me to go around?

Why am I just sitting here instead of flying around and getting my work done?
Cause I am tired and need a break!

Why does my daughter leave the screen door open all the time?

Why am I asking all these questions today?
I don’t know.


11 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Ahhhh, the answer to allll those questions is because God wants you to fully rely on Him, if you had it all under control and figured out why would you need a saviour or a strong tower? That is only conclusion I can come too, I have asked most of your questions at some time or other and many more, I probably always will. But then I keep coming back to the same answer too, I love having a God who knows why he made me the way he did, it sure doesn’t make much sense to me sometimes. Hang in there, Praise the Lord for He is GOOD:D


  2. Ahh, life. It beats us up some days. I like the comment above. ^^ So true! God keeps us needy enough so we rely on Him.And I did notice your lovely floor, albeit dirty. I have carpet under my table so you might want to thank God for your tile/linoleum, whatever it is, that you can mop!


  3. I loved this post!  I was going to say such a simplistic answer but then I felt sort of stupid after SuEllen gave such a big one. šŸ™‚  Because I took this post so much more lightly, I guess, and I was going to say, “Because you have a six month old baby.”  Ok, so I can’t remember exactly how old he is; but somehow this just brought back all those feelings of when Liam was about that age and I felt so overwhelmed and like all I did was spin my tires.  By the time I got the dishes off the table, it was time to get food again, there were always crumbs on the floor, a child to redirect, piles of laundry waiting to be folded at the end of the day, and a million hard questions to answer.  I was so tired.  And b/c I only spun in circles doing the same menial chores, it felt as though life had no purpose.  Hang in there.  It’s a rough ride; but you will be ok.  And if you can think enough right now to process then you don’t need this; but I loved my cousin Julia’s advice to us as mom’s once.  She had three littles and was feeling very overwhelmed … you know that stage where you never have enough sleep to actually think and you are bombarded with a million little needs at once.  She said, “I can’t even always process a prayer, so I just say, “God, help!”  At first I chuckled a little; but then Liam was born and about the time he hit the allergy fussies I knew just what she meant.  I did that a hundred times if I did it once and it really did help me.  Those two word prayers helped me to remember that God was there in the middle of my mundane madness and I know He heard the words I couldn’t formulate.Hugs to you today!


  4. A couple of things stuck out to me…one is about the trash always being full!  Seriously!  It seems I am constantly emptying it…or trying to stuff just a few more things into the trash can so I don’t have to empty it.And about comparing ourselves with others…why can’t I be good at this or that like SHE is?  Just remember, probably someone is saying that about you too. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.And I have days where I feel like you did today.  Lots of questions and not many answers.


  5. I’ve wondered already if God gets as tired of me asking questions and I get of my childrens questions?    Thanks for sharing your questions.  Your not in this alone, we all have those questions at some point in our lives.


  6. those are all amazing questions. Life is hard and rough at times. I ask my hubby so many times, why did God make it so hard. I loved your honest post. we all have these days. May you have a blessed Mothers day


  7. I could have written this. It describes me so much right now. Being a mom of littles is so overwhelming. I still have a hard time believing those women who say- “Enjoy these days because someday you will look back and wish for them.” Seriously?? I guess we’ll find out. 


  8. I like reading your posts…just because you seem to write exactly what I’m feeling and it helps me to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way! I understand that God is in control but it’s good for us still to share with others what we are going thru. Thanks for sharing! Susan


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