Is there anyone else out there tonight that is watching and reading all this news and feeling ever so great-full for their family? When I start thinking about the Esh family accident and then comparing it to our family and how many it would have taken, it almost blows my mind. The magnitude of multiple deaths like this is almost more then the mind can comprehend. I’m just thanking God tonight for my families!

Oh where, oh where, does time go? My brain says, “It’s time to update!” My other side of the brain says, “I just did. I don’t have time. I should. But I don’t feel like it.” My writing goes farther down the drain with each post.  But, here I sit, late at night, when I should be sleeping… writing. It’s not a good time for me to sit and write because my mind has stopped working a few hours ago and therefore I write and say things that I later read and think, “What in the world were you thinking?” Oh, that’s right, I wasn’t!

March flew by.
Odd statement, but anyway.

School was fun the last 2 months. They had something planned every week. A tea party was planned for the end of March so I told Madison I would make her a dress. She has a tea party birthday coming up in June and I figured I’d get 2 things with one stone here.

After it was cut out, I realized I had enough stuff for the little sister too! 🙂
She was soo happy about that!

Live it up girl, there sure won’t be another tea party dress made for a very long time!!

And while Mom sews, Baby Boo does this!!
I have no idea what’s wrong. We’ll blame it on teeth until all the teeth are in, then we’ll have to find something else!
He is usually happy.
Really he is.
I just like taking pictures of him when he cries!
He would rather lay on his belly then sit in this dumb saucer! He is scooting around with his elbows and rolling across the floor to get to what he wants. We had the first royal episode with the sister the other day when he managed to get a hold of her nicely arranged toys! 🙂 Get ready sister, here I come!!

One fine Sunday we all wore new black dresses to church. Not Baby Boo, but he sneaked in for the photo!
Not very Springish but then again, I’ve never been known to color coordinate my dresses for each season. I like my dark colors to well.
Mom bought this fabric in Thailand for me 2 years ago and once again, when I was done cutting mine, I had enough for 2 more! They were tickled. This is the first time we ever had “matching” dresses. I am not a matchy-matchy person, Eric knows that. He lets me dress first, then makes sure he doesn’t wear the same thing that I do! 🙂 So glad he thinks of that so I don’t need to change! 🙂

Here he is, not so mad! 🙂
We were looking at baby pictures of his Dad the other day and he’s a splitting image!

Had to make this one black and white because he had yucky colored clothes on, but was really in a smiling mood.

And he is just all tuckered out.
Chew, chew, chew is the name of the game right now!
Reagan hates it because she’s so afraid he’ll drool on her. 🙂 Ha! Get used to it, things will only get worse.

Yesterday I took pictures of a very cute baby!
He has lots and lots of black hair.
Madison was in awe.
I was too.
But I was happy to give him back to his mama and pick up my chunky dunk that sleeps all night!

This is all you get to see for now.
Maybe more later! 🙂

Time for bed. My brain has officially shut down for the night.


9 thoughts on “Misc!

  1. Love the pic of you and your girls. I love to make look alikes. It all started cuz i have 1 girl and it was pretty easy at first to get another dress out of my fabric. I don’t do it as much now.But when i do I just figure i’ll make look alikes while she lets me. =)


  2. What a fun peek into your life!  I bet your little girls were thrilled beyond words with those tea party dresses and I bet it took you FOREVER to make them!  Wow!  I’m not sure I’d have had the patience!  Cute picture of all of you in black, too!


  3. I like late-at-night posts.   Great job on the tea party dresses…you’re a wonderful Mom!!  I love the pics of your matching dresses for Sun.  I am with you on not liking to always limit the dark colors for certain times of the year.


  4. I make look-alikes for me and my daughter more than I thought I would. Because, like Esther used to, I often have enough fabric leftover. And I feel bad wasting the fabric when there’s enough for another little dress there. And she needs dresses. It’s a way to get cheap dresses for her! I like your black dresses- you all look so dressed up. And the tea dresses are too cute! 


  5. Would you do a late-night post for me too? Sigh. Maybe one of these days. I was going to write one last night. I opened up my site and hit new weblog entry- guess what- no words came. Are we that boring, or what? Anyway, I like the post!


  6. my girls would swoooon over tea party dresses like those. Wait. Did they pass that stage already? I just realized as i was writing that my 3 yr. old is the only one who gets a kick out of frills and still plays dressup!  But i’m pretty sure a tea party would bring it back out in them!!  your Reagan sounds likes Jacqui when it comes to drool–   And cute little bum on Baby Boo!!


  7. The tea party dresses are adorable! Good job!I’m not matchy matchy either. I made our first and only look a likes last fall and my niece did a mother daughter photo shoot just the other day. The girls think it’s so cool to match.Cute elephant tears on your lil guy!


  8. you look so young! i am sure those dresses will make some cherished memories! laughed about the drool…remind her of that when she is a mom. i am not a gross-out person, but i have done more than one thing that is just disgusting!LOVE the header!


  9. I just recently subscribed to you…hope you don’t mind!  Anyway, about the matchy-matchy thing with dresses. We very, very rarely do that, cuz that’s not really my thing either, but one day last year I realized that the boys were both wearing white shirts and tan pants to church. Then I realized that Nicole and I also both had tan skirts/pants and white shirts that we could wear.  Do you think I could get my husband to join the fun? He absolutely refused to dress like the rest of us…He thought it was dorky.  Oh, well, I tried.  And those tea party dresses…that looks like a LOT of work and something that I could never, ever do…but they are SO cute. My little Nikki loves to play dress up, so she would LOVE something like that.  Maybe I should try to buy one somewhere. But I’m not sure I’ve seen others as much as the ones you made.


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