No idea what a title could possibly be for this post

How about that for a title?
Or it could be called, The post with 100 topics!

Anyone feel like yelling?
“Hooray for Spring!!!!”
“The snow is melting!”
“It’s warm outside!”

BUT how could I forget, where I live, it’s bound to freeze us out again before Spring actually-factually appears, for good, once and for all. It seems like it just drags on and on, getting worse every year, until it really warms up and is here to stay. Some years, May still feels like the frozen Tundra! Oh well, at least there is no snow!!

Soo, on these last few long winter days, we entertain ourselves with the kids!

He seems fairly happy, even tho we do these mean things to him! Like making him wear a PINK hat! 🙂

Ok… it doesn’t last too long, just like his naps!

And he’s officially tired of us messing with him! 🙂


Ya know.. this morning as I was slapping pancakes in the pan and sitting there watching them fry, I had a whole post written in my head. You  know one of those really inspiring ones with big, long paragraphs that really makes you think. But now… aack. Where did it go? I don’t know. I sit down here and I can’t think of a thing worth writing.


Our 10 anniversary was last week. THAT should be worth writing about. A few years ago we had big plans of what we were going to do and where we were going to go for our 10th.

Well, a baby threw a kink in those plans and we didn’t go.
Eric asked me last week if I want to go somewhere overnight Fri night. I had a whole boat load of things happening and he had work to do, so we stayed home and stressed and thought, “Maybe later!” I do hope later happens!

It’s been a wonderful 10 years. On our wedding day, 10 years looked like a long way off. Today, 10 years was really, really short. HOW fast will the next 10 go? And HOW old will I be? And, Oh my word, Madison will be 16!!!


We were to IN a few weeks ago.
Something new happened while we were there.
I didn’t take one single picture with my camera the entire time!

I did use Sarita’s for a few… but not many!

Lance was totally loving having this baby around. He was so kissy and very helpful with him all the time! 🙂

Tris’, Tys’ and us managed to get Tim and Sarita’s wedding gift for them while we were there. Nope, no procrastinating in this family!! We got a nice grill for them, so now we’re coming over for some of her famous grilled steak and shrimp! 🙂


Life is just “happening” at it’s on pace around here.
A fast pace I might add.
Kids keep growing.
I keep growing.
I’m trying to shrink.
That’s never ending.
Why bother dieting?
Let’s all just be happy with ourselves and live in peace.

On with life, Reagan and I are keeping this house running smoothly.

She is now officially my laundry maid. Never mind that she has to crawl inside the washer, throw the clothes into a basket, and then put it into the dryer, she loves it! 🙂

Madison is still loving school.
Hope this lasts for the next 11 years!

They had Wacky Footwear, Clash day at school this week.
Between the 2 of us, we dug around and came up with this to wear.
When I combed her hair, she was horrified.
She was tired of being called Pippy Longstocking till she came home. 🙂
Guess we should have dyed the hair red.


So do you all read blogs?

I read these creative, re-doing, fixing things, then I am all like, “Oh man, why don’t I do that too?” I am just the plainjane, no inspiration, can’t think of how to, lack of motivation to do these things.  I have some old shutters sitting out here that Eric found at a job and I need to do something with them! I keep {Procrastinating}, thinking, when it’s warm, when Dakota is older, when I have time, later, later, later. Anyway… one of these days, I’ll be wildly creative and do all kinds of things then blog about them and others will be green with envy. 🙂 One of these days, maybe, some day! Eric rolls his eyes and wonders why I would want to paint this or that?? It’s fine, just like it is! 🙂

I was gonna post some links to some of these, but my kids are sweetly calling.
(Or rather yelling)


My lazy Sat is leaving me behind as I sit here.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks up!


8 thoughts on “No idea what a title could possibly be for this post

  1. I like the pic with Reagan in the washer 🙂 Your little boy is so cute with his big happy smile!sometimes it is discouraging for me to read all those creative blogs – makes me wish that i was like them :(good read here!! glad u posted


  2. So many chuckles!!!  Love the funny pictures of the girls especially!Have you really been married ten years????  That sounds really long.  Don’t slap me.   Except I just realized we’ll hit 8 years in June!  Unreal.


  3. is it time change?? oh my word. i am glad i came over hear to read. =) Well, i am glad anyway, good read. Love your laundry maid. =) We will be married 16 yrs and still haven’t taken our 10th anniversary trip. Maybe on our 20th?


  4. OMW, Shannon!  I’m so glad you reminded me about the time change.  I completely forgot & we’d better get it right this time.  In the fall, we changed a weekend before we were supposed to.  My poor S.S. class didn’t know what to do., my friend!!  These are the kind of random posts that I miss like crazy.  Where you just go off about all of the subjects going through that brain of yours.   So thanks for taking the time.  BTW – you’re not the only procrastinating family!Too adorable how Reagan helps you with the laundry & your little Dakota’s pic is cute as a button.


  5. Loved your post! The “laundry maid” is quite cute in the washer!! I’m right with you on well-intentioned projects. I have several right now I need to tackle and get out of the way.


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