A good title would be:
Snow+Kids+No School = One Exasperated Mother!

The first snowstorm hit last Fri.
We managed fairly well over the weekend.
Even got out and about a bit.
Managed to get the van lodged at the Inlaws. It remains there.
The next storm hit on Monday night.
No school Tue. More snow.
No school Wed. A bit more snow.
To say that we are weary of this, would be a huge understatement!

And we don’t even have as much as the East coast.
My sympathies to you all out there!

Getting back to the heart of the matter,  I am forming a new club called:

“Moms Exasperated. Go Away”

Feel free to join if you’ve had at least one day of school canceled this week!
Cause one day is all it takes!!
On second thought, if your a mom, just join. You don’t even need a snow day to feel this way!
The only activity will be leaving all the kids somewhere at least once a week to meet at a coffee shop!

So, after too much bickering, picking, snapping, arguing, and you name it, they were put to work, clearing the drive.

Their Dad was outside and hey, we need to get out of here somehow, they may as well help.

How quickly do you think we’ll be able to leave, with a shovel this size cleaning out the drive?

Get with it girls!! The whole lane is full! You’ve only cleared about a 6 inch section so far!

One small shovel full at a time! She’s not a pessimist like her Mother.

They are still happy so obviously they aren’t working too hard and it isn’t hurting them any.

Sadly, it didn’t last long and all good things must come to an end…

They gave up and flopped in the snow to make angels.

Maybe when they come in, they will behave like angels!

Maybe one of these days we’ll look back and remember these snowy days with fondness.
I doubt it.
I don’t like snow that well.

MEGA members:  First meeting needs to be soon!!


13 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I’ll join the MEGA club.  I don’t have school kids yet, but we did skip out on Preschool on Tuesday….does that count??? I love the snow, but this is getting a little old now. Me and the kids have a major case of cabin fever.  I’ve heard there may be more snow next week…..?????  Groan. 


  2. I want to join MEGA but I live way too far away.  I do have to say though that hearing you school moms talk about being disappointed / going stir crazy when school is cancelled is giving me hope that in a few months my brain will get a few hours of peace every day. 


  3. You should have just packed your children up and come down with Eric.  We could have roped someone into babysitting and gone to the children’s consignment sale that is going on in Greenville tomorrow and Saturday! 🙂


  4. My 4 yr. old says he wishes he could shovel snow off the drive. You can tell we live in the south!!! You don’t have to have snow or school aged kids to get exasperated. It’s called being a mom day in and day out!


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