An over due update

The need to update has been in the back of my mind, say, since the last time I updated! There are just too many other things to do around here right now. Holding baby dear is one of them. Not sure what his issue is today. At the present moment he’s taking one of his famous 10 minute naps.

Backing way up, we had Christmas with Eric’s family on Wed, the 23rd before we all scattered. We really missed Loren’s that night, since they are in Haiti.

Here is Joel, once again passing out his gifts. He’s famous for his loud and noisy toys. It backfired a bit this year. The (cheap) harmonica’s he bought them DIDN’T WORK!!! 🙂 And… it shall all come back to haunt him again soon. He’s getting married and I told his AnnaBell that I shall empty the savings account buying loud and noisy toys for her children one day! She didn’t think it was fair since she had done nothing to deserve it. Final conclusion, if she wants to avoid it, she can’t marry Joel!

The perfect gift from Grandma!

Manda getting a chuckle out of something from behind the computer. 🙂

We went to IN to see ‘Rita Grandma over Christmas.
The girls had fun opening their gifts.

Sarita helped Lance.

Mom, Sarita and I were taking a picture and Madison popped her head in for one.

Things were not going well for Lance!

My gift from Mom. 🙂 Now I need to start cooking!

Lance and Katelyn got little wheel barrows from Grandpa and Grandma so we gave Dakota a ride. He was NOT amused as you can see!

This is the sneaky one. If you can’t find something, ask her, she probably hid it somewhere. Grandpa’s hair brush was missing for most of our visit. Grandma found it in a closet in a bag after we left????

On Sunday evening we went to Sarita’s and made soft pretzels. It didn’t work well to hold a baby and eat so we plunked him down beside his dad and he seemed to like it, so he stayed.

That night was wild and loud. I’m not sure what the deal was but we were glad there were only 4 kids to do the show! D was pretty quiet compared to the others.

Lance does the “Where’s your hair?” and all those questions. I have one after I asked, “Where’s your nose?” but it doesn’t look so good. 🙂

So that was our Christmas vacation… we came home and slept late, stayed up “late/early” and generally had a good time just being around here. Had a late night on New Years eve and then it was back to the grind of work and school.

Dakota - Page 001
I’ve been scrapping some the last few days. It’s fun doing a baby album again.

What have you been up to the last while? We have a boat load of snow right now and it’s cold so we’re snuggling down and staying tucked in for the weekend.


6 thoughts on “An over due update

  1. Oh man, Love, love, loved the post! ~The pic of Reagan….sniff… I miss her and her ornery ways..~We also love Grandma pj gifts. She sent winter ones down here, bc she couldn’t find any summer ones. Told us to chop the arms and legs off. Its been so cool nights and the kids are having fun snuggling, so we left them. ~ Let me know how you like your new cookbook. I always think I wold want one, but I am pretty sure I would still stick with my faithful ones.~ And I have a plan for Joel and his noisemakers!!! ;)~I like the page of Dakota. He is getting sooo big and I have not even held him. Did I ever tell you that I had a near hernia when I found out Loren never held him while he was home!   He could have at least held him for me!


  2. You sure didn’t stay “tucked in” very long, did you? That’s a good thing, tho. It was a fun Christmas. And these are good pictures.Especially the one of Reagan. She is so stinkin’ cute!


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