Baby Jesus

The school had their Christmas play last Sunday night.  “3 Wise men and a Tie” was the name of the play and they did an excellent job. They had a few wiggly village kids and some wild sheep but over all, things went pretty smooth. The audience had a few chuckles over it. Madison asked me later, “Why did they laugh? It wasn’t even funny anymore cause we said it so many times!”

A lot of my pictures turned out blurry and grainy, due to candle lightening, a wiggly 4 year old asking questions and a baby. Never the less, here they are.


A group of villagers, a few wise men, a King, the Narrator and Gruffy bear singing. Poor Gruffy had a hard time figuring out where the fat man in the suit was! 🙂 He thought that’s what Christmas was all about.

The angels and shepherds singing on the other side.

2 more little angels

The 3 Wise men trying to figure out how to find the baby. Binky, in the blue, was a bit of a wild card. He had lots of ideas!

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus (aka Dakota)

Baby Jesus’ mother was rather nervous about whether he would behave. He did! He slept all night.

The whole group.

“Joseph” wasn’t so amused about posing! 🙂

There is just nothing so relaxing as the straw in a manger!

His double chin usually isn’t so obvious! 🙂

And Laura comes to check him out.

And so that was Dakota’s first part in a play, not that he’ll ever remember it, but we will. The girls called him Baby Jesus for a few days after that. 🙂

Now he needs to go to bed!!!



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