An update… finally!

We are alive…
We are surviving…
And most of all, we are enjoying our newest addition!

Days are good… nights are still sort of a trial. You never know how long he’s going to sleep. 1 hour, 2, 3 or sometimes 4! One night he fussed till 12 and then slept till 4 and then till 8! That felt wonderful! šŸ™‚ Late evenings he often has a belly ache and fusses but it’s not too bad … other then that, he just eats and sleeps! 

 Is it a boy thing to think he needs to eat every 2 hours? He deems himself positively starved when 1.5-2 hours rolls around. I have never saw the likes, eats his hands, sucks the time out of his pacifier and then attacks that bottle once he gets it. Guess he’s starting to eat us out of house and home already.

I have a wonderful little babysitter at home with me. šŸ™‚ Both girls do a good job helping take care of him, altho Madison doesn’t like giving him the bottle cause she doesn’t like the “noises” he makes when he drinks. šŸ™‚ Reagan will be his entertainer once he’s a bit bigger. She loves to show him things and tries to make him look and smile already. šŸ™‚

We got this beautiful fruit bouquet from the church last week! Wanda went to a lot of work on it and it was delicious.

Sunday morning he went to church for the first time. He did very good. Slept almost all morning. Eric wasn’t feeling well so he went to teach his Sunday School class and then came home. I had all 3 of them after SS…. didn’t go to bad till he was ready to eat! I didn’t trust Reagan to sit there by herself (and behave) so I sent her off to sit with someone else.

I forgot how much babies sleep… often evenings I feel like waking him up so that he’ll sleep at night! šŸ™‚ That doesn’t work well cause once he’s out, not much will wake him!

Last Friday I had him to the Dr for a check up and he weighed 9lbs 13oz and was 23in long. All those 2 hour eatings are catching up with him! šŸ™‚

D- (29)
Took a few pictures to do a birth announcement… They didn’t turn out like I was imagining them, but they’ll work. I had too many high ideals floating around in my head from other photo sites I look at. šŸ™‚ I tried taking them when he was awake. Disaster! I just waited till he went to sleep and tried it again. Much better.  

D- (56)
This is a natural one, I laid him down and both hands went up beside his head and he put one leg up on the side of the basket, so I just helped him out and crossed the other one for him. šŸ™‚

D- (7)
Overall, I pretty much have a model baby… oh, he has his moments but nothing I can really complain about. I’m just thankful he’s as good as he is or this mama would be in danger of loosing her mind. Babies bring a lot of adjustments!! But we love him!



17 thoughts on “An update… finally!

  1. And its so great to see you with a baby again. I still just can’t believe it sometimes. Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL, lady!!! What’s not to like??? He looks so perfect and content. Cute little guy he is. 


  2. Shannon, he is so pudgy and adorable!  I think I want one.    That eating thing might be boy but I’ve seen girls do it, too.  I think big babies and late babies both come out “starved” and think they’re going to have to eat 24/7 like they were used to.  And the little babies and the early babies just sleep and sleep.  You just gotta love the popsicle in that first picture.  “What is better then popsicles?  Baby brothers!”So SOOOO happy for you all over again.  Somehow when you wait so long it’s just triply special to do all that stuff … even to carry a diaper bag! 


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