Did you know…

Did you know that if you blow in your milk long enough….


…it creates huge amounts of bubbles?

No baby yet. One week left.

I really should make some more pumpkin cookies again!

But for now we’re off to blow leaves and then play in them. 


6 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. read your comment on Audrey’s (broken moms) site and wanted to encourage you a little. my #3 child has been the easiest, most delightful, best baby I have had:) he is 11 months (and I am due with #4 in April:), I hope the same for you- the good baby that is:)- not the 17 months apart:)… even my husband has enjoyed Elijah’s baby days more than he did the other boys. so, take heart—- blessings on your labor and delivery! wish I was that close:).


  2. That is an adorable picture!  I came here to find the pumpkin cookie recipe and realized you are one day shy of your due date (I think??).  I hope you’re doing ok (and crying is ok, too) and that baby will come soon!  Can’t wait to hear!  Hugs!


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