What is better then just relaxing at home for the evening?
At the moment, I can’t think of much! 


We had nothing to do tonight so the girls and I started a fire and when Eric came home he roasted hotdogs for our supper and we had marshmallow s’mores for dessert.  


Cool weather made the fire feel good. Sitting in a chair watching my meal being made was quite fine too. 🙂



Reagan is not a hotdog fan but she sure likes the ketchup!

She had a little restaurant going at the top of the slide. The icecream she was selling consisted of a pile of sand! 🙂

Once we were done eating they had a little golfing expedition…

IMG_1776 IMG_1780
More swinging and missing happening then anything with these 2. 🙂

We have a busy weekend coming up so a relaxing night was just what we needed.

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