Life hit us hard and fast in August. I should have counted how many days we were actually home for the month! Not many.

3 weddings, a funeral, a whole week at Grandma’s before Sarita’s wedding,  2 more weekends there later, doing corn, tomatoes, canning and all that goes with that. This was one weary mama that was ready to stay at home for awhile, with nothing to do!! It looks promising for the rest of the year! The staying home part, when nothing to do hits, I’ll let you know.

Weekends at Grandma’s are always a hit!
Katelyn came with her Dad one evening so we just stripped her and let her hop in the pool. It didn’t take long for my 2 to run for their swimsuits!

IMG_0013 IMG_0016

Lance took his (first?) dirt bike ride, but I would dare to guess not the last one. He loved it and since he’s much like his Dad, I’d say he’ll be riding it himself soon!

Tris had to come show off his jeep he built. Don’t ask me any questions, I don’t know any answers, he just says he built it! It needs a paint job. Any suggestions?

Tim and Sarita opened their gifts one weekend we were there. They had lots of help as you can see. While they were on their honeymoon the rest of us went through and just picked out a few things we thought we might need. Naw, not really, we just texted them and told them that! 🙂

 I thought I’d better copyright this picture in case anyone tries to steal it. 🙂 Any takers? No?
By the way, I don’t know the guy that is sitting, but I think the other one works on a road crew.

We raced down to MS the last weekend of Aug to attend a wedding, drove home during the night, took pictures at another wedding the next day, and then came home just in time for school!

IMG_1599_edited-1 IMG_1601_edited-1
First grade, here we come, are you ready? She sure was!

IMG_1604 IMG_1608
Beside her desk and with her beloved teacher. For the last few years she was so afraid Lois would quit teaching before she got to first grade! 🙂

Lois had cute little grape worms for the kids.

Reagan is home alone. The first day she spent the first few hours asking me what to do, what she should play and just majorly hanging around. She kinda got the hang of it now and I think she likes it. She told me one day with a sneaky little grin, “I don’t even have to share with any one!” She talks to herself quite a bit and it is ever so interesting to listen in. 🙂 Eric heard her having quite the argument with herself the other day. Guess she’s practicing for when Madison comes home!!

I moved my Photography site. I was have all kinds of issues with the other one.
You can find me here.

We’re camping the rest of this weekend with the Miller’s.
What are you all up too?


6 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Everyone seems overloaded with action through Aug…maybe trying to get that last summer fling in. I too am sooo ready to relax for a weekend or two, the only reason winter actually looks a bit appealing right now. Madison is so cute, she’s really growing! Yes, and she sure looks proud to have Lois as teacher! That copyright pic just reminds me there are still moments to grab, through the rush of life, to giggle about!!


  2. I was looking at this post as Shannon was walking thro’ the dining room and he stopped and said, “Hey! Who’s jeep is that?” I said your brother built it (not that I understand how someone could BUILD a vehicle… buy all the pieces at a parts store?!) and he said, “What kind of engine does it have in it?” So, I told him you said not to ask any questions cuz you don’t know answers. Anyway, he thinks it should be black. I thought Jeeps like that have to be red.Loved the pictures and the diff subjects. First grade, how did that happen to us already?! The pic with the pants bunch up is hilarious! :p


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