Sarita’s wedding…

My sister, my friend…
is married.

TS (19)
Hard to believe, sad, happy, tears, lots of emotions on that day!

TS (2)
I keep telling myself that if she is happy, I am happy.
I keep forgetting that too, just wanting to keep the little sister that was always around.
Saturday night Madison cried and cried because she missed Sarita.
I felt like crying too.
Ok. I did cry a bit too.

TS (5)
But, we all grow older, and with that comes changes.
And I believe with time, we’ll see this is a good change.
I’m sure she thinks it’s a good change now already. πŸ™‚

TS (8)

TS (17)
She was a beautiful bride.

TS (9)
We had lots of fun doing the pictures.
Have lots of them that show crazy, funny and good laughing times.

TS (20)
The groom was not a happy picture taker.
Probably took more that morning then any time in his life! πŸ™‚

TS (10)

TS (21)
With his Mt Dew in hand!!

TS (27)

More pictures coming later. I have been too busy this week, didn’t get as much done on them as I was hoping.



8 thoughts on “Sarita’s wedding…

  1. I really like that last picture of her dress. I know the feeling of your sisters growing up. When my sister got married she moved to SC.:(  Now my baby sister is growing up to. This weekend we are going home and she is not going to be there and last time they came down she couldn’t come. 😦 I am glad she has a life . I guess. 


  2. Very pretty pictures!  I love how you positioned her b/w the two trees on the third to last one (the lighting in the back looks fairy tale-ish) and I love, love her dress!  Looks like a pretty wedding!  She was a beautiful bride!  There was something sad about having my baby sister get married but for me it was more selfish wishing to have an available aunt for my baby!  Another part of me was glad she was married so there would be three couples hanging out instead of Beth always being the “fifth wheel” as she called herself in fun sometimes.  Now the teams are always even when we play games and we all sit around hashing the same funny stuff b/c our lives are all made up of so much the same things.  It’s ok to be sad but I bet pretty soon you’ll be really, really glad. 


  3. I feel your pain in “losing” your baby sister!  How many years are there betweent the two of you.  I like the first picture…I was trying to decide if I’d like being photographer at my sister’s wedding.


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