Summer, must you fly by so fast?
End of July already? Didn’t it just start?
Now I sound old, I know. When you start commenting on how time is going so fast, I do believe your gettin’ old. 🙂

I’m having a love/hate relationship with this summer. Slow down, I want to enjoy it. Speed up, lets get it over with and get this baby out ASAP! I’m not given much choice it seems, it continues to fly past me. So I choose to be fine with that I guess.

I’m not sure what all is happening here… Swimming lessons, photos, sewing, lawn care, house care, cooking, and you name it. You know what all you do in a week. Same thing happens here.

The girls are finding things to do, for the most part. One minute they are so boooooooooooooooored and the next minute I have to, just have too, must, must must come see what exciting thing they are doing now. This was “trick night” as they call it, on the swings. 🙂

Some days all goes well, other days the fighting is endless and leaves me wishing for school to start!! Madison wishes for it too. I tell her that soon enough she’ll be wanting to stay at home. Soon enough.

This high fly-er even strapped herself in with string. 🙂 No seat belt for the backside tho. 🙂


Our life seems to revolve around these kitties. “Are they under the grill? Are they gone again? Did you feed them? Do they need water? Mom, I can’t catch them!”  And panic time when they started climbing trees. 🙂 THAT is what kitties do when they want to run away from little girls. 🙂 They are quite docile for the most part, really they have no choice.

We are camping this weekend with friends. Looking forward to it. Want to get away and relax my brain a little. Seems like to many things are pressing right now. Depressing things, work that needs to be done, weddings coming up and a host of other things.

Speaking of the baby…
Still growing. 13 long weeks left! Rhino coming up, I do believe. 🙂 Never gained this much with the girls!!

Any name suggestions you would like to part with? Seeing as we have named 2 girls already, we are in desperate straits for a girl’s name. The boy name remains the same, altho I’m open to suggestions. Not that we haven’t gotten some pretty wild ones from Madison already! So fire away, I’ll see if there are any we can agree on. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Life

  1. My favorite girls name from our most recent baby name list (we had a boy) was Faith Evangeline. Maybe Eva for short. Even if we have another girl sometime and use it, I won’t feel bad if you use part or all of it first:)  Rhino my foot, You look great!  I am due 10 months ago (haha) and I look more pregnant than that; man I really need to get working on sit ups again, I can’t believe theirs a 6 months prego lady skinnier than me. Sigh.


  2. My girls name was Chloe and my BIL used it so now we can’t.  Rhino?  Where?  I had to remind myself how skinny you were in order to convince myself you are pregnant!!!  Where are you carrying that child anyway???


  3. I agree… where is summer going?  Certainly not being spent in any pool.  Maybe, just maybe, this weather means we will have our summer through October.  Just dreaming.   BTW, i could hardly see a baby bump on you.


  4. Wait a minute?  Are you thirteen weeks pregnant or 13 weeks to go?  Weight gain?  I don’t know where…all I see is a teeny tiny bump by your waistline!  Seriously!  I look that big at 16 weeks (Or 16 weeks post-partum) and you are 27 weeks!!!!!  I hope the last weeks fly by quickly!


  5. what is it with little girls and kitties?! I’m tired of washing hairy sweaters and blankets because the kitties were cold….and I agree with you on summer- it’s flying by!


  6. Im not about to share our precious few baby names!! ; ) Uggg This time is the hardest EVER to come up with names that we both like. And so far – I only have a few that I KINDA like. It makes me panic sometimes!


  7. ok, so we can finally see your are expecting…good for you! 😉 The girls look more wild then my boys, maybe we should swap playdates. Mine don’t want to go outside, they would rather sit at the table a draw! Summer is going by fast but the weather is close to perfect! I expect we have some hot ones coming soon. Hope the time goes fast for ya, but slow enough to enjoy the summer.


  8. You really don’t look very pregnant at all. My baby is 7 mon. and I still look worse than that!  Let’s see girl names…both of your girls’ names were on my list… some more Chantel, Raya, Brynne, Lindsey, Marcail, Cheyenne (I guess that was already mentioned), Leigha, Hailey…  is that enough? Most of these my husband didn’t like so I won’t probably ever get to use them…wouldn’t plan to use them all anyway!!!


  9. Oh, I LOVE names…wish there was such a job as being hired to pick out names!!I am pretty  traditonal with boy names. Luke and Micah are huge hits with me. I know, everyone has a Luke these days. We wanted a Dominic Jon or Adam Tyree way on back when i was pg with our first. After that…we sorta just picked girl names!! I have this huge fascination with the name Skyler (boy) or Schyler (girl). Weldon says it is only good til you’re 20 and then it seems kiddish. LIke, how could you be a 50 yr old pastor with the name Skyler?I love Carter for a girl. Eve. Raine. Elle (like the letter “L”). India…altho “Baby India” does sound a little too grown-up.  ok. stop me please!!you look great, btw.


  10. Hello Mrs. Shannon,You made your site simple yet elegant. The pictures are a nice touch. I see that you have a wide variety of personal observations here! I’m sending an important message to people from Jehovah God that is in the Bible: “And my holy name I will make known… and I will not suffer my holy name to be profaned any more: and the nations shall have to know that I am Jehovah.”(Ezekiel 39:7) (YLT)


  11. Ha.  ha.  Quite the hair up there. 😀  You really look tiny, I’m trying to decide how you could even feel big!  But I’m sure you do, so I’ll just believe you.BTW, don’t you love random commentors how don’t know you, but leave identical comments on people’s sites simply to plug their own. 


  12. yesterday jase said to me, “mom, i want you to play you are my huge rhino!” i laughed and laughed and said it shouldn’t be any problem. and you and i look no where near the same.i’ll message you my email address.


  13. aw..kitties… 🙂 I met some little girls at the church we visited yesterday and they made me think of my nieces… and miss them…  😉 I’m having fun yet tho so I can’t just come home right now…


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