We spent last weekend camping…
Now, I am not a camp-happy person by any means, so when I suggested camping for the weekend, Eric jumped and asked how high on the way up! 🙂
It was just the 4 of us, lots of fun, relaxing, cooking as little as possible, lots of bike rides, walks, playground time, boating, fishing, fires, roasting marshmallows and just enjoying each other.

The girls wanted to make sure Loren’s board got put to use since he’s in Haiti. 🙂

“Please come with us. Can you ride with us? Will you walk with us? Is it time to go for another bike ride? Cooooooooooooooooome. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.”  You get the point. 🙂

We took the boat out for a spin and some fishing on Sat. Beautiful day!!

Fish weren’t biting to well. This was the first one that was caught, (if you can see it) 🙂 and boy was she proud.

We didn’t go boating with the intent to go swimming so when they got hot, we parked along the side and they got out to wade. They took their skirts off and waded like that. 🙂

They were afraid we’d leave without them, so they collected rocks to pile on the anchor so we couldn’t get away.  I put them up to trying to get this one. 🙂

Later Sat evening we went to the beach and let them run!!

Here they stopped for awhile and Reagan said they were looking for hump backed whales. 🙂 She found one she said. (a large log floating nearby) 

Just the girls… and a 5 month baby bump!

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, came home to get ready for some company, had some more fun Sun evening and so far this week has been one continuous rat race. Doesn’t look like this weekend or next week will be much better.

Enjoy your summer. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Camping

  1. We’re headed out for a weekend of camping this weekend……’s a huge chore for this pregnant momma to get everything packed and ready to go!!  But, I keep thinking that maybe I can sit back and relax once we’re there. 🙂  Megan can hardly wait to sleep in the top bunk in her strawberry shortcake sleeping bag………


  2. Ya that bump look like my 2 1/2 month bump…be proud!!  Family camping sounds relaxing(after you get ther), I thought of mentioning it to Rich but he normally has full plans for the weekend…like golfing or something…


  3. That looks so fun and relaxing!  We kept talking about going, but I couldn’t quite decide if the fun would outweigh the misery of camp-“sleeping” at the end of my pregnancy.  Hopefully, we’ll feel inspired again by the end of the summer.


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