Sadly, we spent a few days this week with Loren and Berneice helping them pack up their things to move to Haiti.

Good byes are never easy. I always cry entirely to much. It got to the point where Becca and I couldn’t look at each other or we would start crying and neither one of us where the ones leaving!! 🙂 I’m overly blessed with tears and so is Madison as we found out. Being pregnant makes it worse for me. So Sarita, get ready, the tears will be flowing freely at your wedding. 🙂

The cousin’s had a hi-o time while they were all together.
A few fights.
Lots of fun, games, playing and what not!!
(and few more fights)
But that’s life. 🙂


Here they are for one last shot of them all together for Grandma.

We miss you Hatians already!


8 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. You’d better stop or I’ll cry right with you.  This is such an adorable picture & one that Carol will treasure, I’m sure.  Wonder what they’ll all look like by the time Brooklyn & Landon come home in 2 years!  


  2. Aw that pic is very good, to think one was crying. I could see this one better. It took so long to download the one you emailed so I just shut it off.  Don’t know if you will see this before you leave, but I hope you all have a wonderful trip. Loren and I are really thinking about where we COULD be. I am sure you will make lots of memories.  > the tears still flow here too. 🙂 


  3. i love your header. If you ever have a moment to kindof explain to me how you do it, i sure would love it. you can email me at  I know some people do it thru picasa, i have looked and have found nothing to make a page look like this. I am very much of a computer dummy. Only if you have a moment sometime. I know your busy just like everyone else.  I didnt know you lived in OH, or i would have told you to met me at longaberger. So you could enjoy shopping with 50 ladies. 🙂 i will let you know next time tho. Have a great weekend.


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