Sat again


Friends… there is just nothing like a day with friends.

I spent last Tue with these lovely ladies. Such good times.

We all went to surprise Jo for her 30th birthday!
I think we got the job done. Her husband was kind enought to help us out, then get their kids and take them home for the day so we could borrow Jo!!

We wouldn’t think of getting together with out food of some sort! 🙂

After a stroll around Joanna’s farm, we relaxed on the back porch to chat the afternoon away!

Good times friends, let’s do it again.


Remember those 6 kitties that are For Sale  FREE to a good home!!

Here’s what happened one day!
Let’s just have lunch in the kitchen!!! On the rug!!!

 I told them, “Cats are to stay outside!!”
Anyone want that snarling orange and white one?

The 3 black spotted ones get plenty of attention here.
I think the orange ones will have to go!




4 thoughts on “Sat again

  1. I like the “Good times friends, let’s do it again.” part of your post!!   Wow – good luck with all of that to do in one week.  I guess it’s safe to say that we probably won’t hear much from you.  


  2. My daughter would love one of those kittens! But before you get your hopes up–let’s just say that her Mom would not Unless you have a flavor of kittens that stay kittens and don’t grow up to be cats!


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