Well, I feel half way caught up around here… only half way.
It seems like I had so many things to do at once my head was spinning. I got a few of those done and feel a little more under control now. I don’t like weeks like this, feeling like everything is piling up around you while you spin your wheels.

Our good news of the week was hearing a nice, strong heartbeat from the wee one. Since I’m feeling better, there are days I almost forget someones in there.   
It kinda reminds me of these ferns, they are slowly growing and unfurling themselves. They move so slowly that it almost doesn’t seem like they are making any progress, but little by little it’s there. So is the baby and this bump it’s forming.  (huff puff) 🙂


Spring is here to stay, finally!! For awhile I wondered if it would ever come, let alone stay!
They’ve been doing plenty of this the last while.



They hate when I mow the lawn cause I cut these all off. Oh never fear, they’ll be back before the sun goes down!!



Happily seeding the lawn for next year!


We had a visitor the other night.


The girls were sooo tickled and impressed with Aunt B.


After a whale of an arguement in the tub tonight I went in to have a talk with the girls. Reagan, who was the one causing the trouble, wouldn’t share the spoons they were playing with and had finally pinched Madison.
I asked her, “Do you feel good about all this?”
After a long, long pause she finally said, “No.”
(sigh, maybe I’m getting somewhere)
Then I asked, “So why aren’t you happy?”
There was no pause this time! She says, “I’m not happy cause Ma-son is taking my spoons!” 
(buzzzzzzzzzzzer! Wrong answer!)
So maybe I’m not getting anywhere.
Start over with a new tactic.


Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Wishing a happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there! The ones who are, the ones who where, the ones who want to be and the ones who have angel babies.
And most of all, to the best Mom of all, My Mom, I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day. (and make the guys do the dishes) 
I believe I will enjoy my day. The men at church are all cooking lunch!
Enjoy your flowers.


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