Swimming in April

“When can we swim? How soon will it be warm enough to swim? Can we swim today? Please? Please? Can we swim? It’s warm today! We’re soooooo hot! We need to swim!”

I’ve been hearing this every day that it has been relatively warm.

So! SWIM then and find out for yourselves that it isn’t sooooo hot out here! It was very windy yesterday so I knew what was going to happen. 🙂


All we have is this little pool that is quite a few years old. They filled it and then stood in it for a long time! Just couldn’t sit down.


Finally working up the nerve to sit in it.

And what do you know, 5-10 minutes later they were out and were coooooooooold. I kept right on mowing my lawn and they had to either keep swimming or air dry.

Sometimes it pays to listen to the Mom! 🙂


After running around awhile, they warmed up again and were ready to try it again. And so went most of the afternoon, until I caught the little one running back and forth from the sand pile to the pool.

Then their mean mom dumped the water!  

8 thoughts on “Swimming in April

  1. my troop was asking to get the sprinkler out, and I was mean and said “NO.. go down to the creek instead..” so off they ran, swim trunks and suits and all… they didnt last ten minutes, then they came up to the house shivering and blue lips. I just smiled widely and gleefully said, “I told you it is too cold!!!!”


  2. Mine were “simming too” Alex never got very wet, but little curly head went all out. Don’t think he felt a thing…after spotting his over flowing pamper I got rid of it. He continued the wet cold water….they even washed off some of their cars (riding around ones). Finally I couldn’t handle the naked kid and dirty water no more… Cute captures!! Sometimes we gotta be mean…


  3. Too cute!  I emptied the sandbox and put warm water in it for Liam on Saturday (Adam was WAY too busy working he said).  He didn’t even last ten minutes because it was more fun to grab the brush for washing screens.  Why do we bother???   You must be feeling better if you were out mowing lawn?  I hope so!


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