6 Kitties For Sale  FREE! FREE! FREE!


Ok, better make that 5 cause we’ll have to keep at least one. They are already naming them.

Percy, the mom, disappeared yesterday with her big, waddling tummy and came back as a skinny cat this morning. So we went looking.

How old do kitties have to be before you can give them away?




The creator of fads and fashions. A new way to wear earings.



13 thoughts on “Kitties

  1. The girls would love some kitties and every so often there are signs around here with ‘free kittens’ and they think we just have to stop and get them, they are free after all!  The earrings are such a girl thing, My girls put stickers on their ears, what will they think of next:)?


  2. I want one!!!  But my husband would probably feed it to the dogs.  He doesn’t like when cats climb up and sit on his cars and leave paw prints and scratches on the paint.  Sadly, I don’t think we will ever own one!!  🙂


  3. I’d love to have one although we are moving so …..I guess we could leave it for a wocome gift to the people who move here next. : )  I’d think our girls would love a kitty — I know they would cause everytime we go to Grandpas they love their kitties. 


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