Snow. snow. snow.

These days, it doesn’t get much better then staying at home and being in your pj’s all day, especially when it looks like this outside.


No, I did not take it. That would require going out in it. The internet is much warmer.


I am hoping to trade that scene for this one, just soon…


You snow lovers, enjoy your snow. I’ll enjoy my white sands for awhile. Then sadly, I’ll be back to join you. Before I’m ready. It never last long enough!


10 thoughts on “Snow. snow. snow.

  1. I’m jealous too… of the snow!!!  I just got off the phone with Freida and I WANT SOME TOO!!  The beach does look very inviting tho., I must admit.  I hope you enjoy your vacation in the sand and sun.


  2. When do you leave? We’re thinking last of Feb (making sure it’s warm) don’t have a place yet, thats how it happens every year (sigh).And btw you actually have much more snow then the picture! …and it keeps coming!!


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