Chocolate Carmel and all good things!

When we went to IN for Thanksgiving, one of the aunts had these divine little pretzel things she was trying to hide from everyone. (Why did she bring them if she didn’t want us to eat them?) I kept finding them, and eating them, and loving them..

I’ve had Chocolate covered pretzels all my life, or so it seems, but I had never had pretzels covered with Carmel and then with Chocolate. White chocolate at that! They were good. Oh so good. I could have eaten them all. So I made some.

Now the aunt I mentioned, makes her own Carmel, worksworksworks, does things the hard way. Just go support your local bulk food store like I do, buy and chunk of Carmel, nuke it for a minute and you’re good to go. 🙂

Here’s my chunk of Carmel, and the little wads behind it turned into a few turtles. 🙂 The rest…

…got wrapped onto little pretzel sticks. It was gooey and ran off the first few so I put them in the fridge to cool and then pressed it back on again. Note to self: Don’t lay them on wax paper again. We shall most assuredly be eating small bits of paper with some pretzels, but we shall not surely die from that!

Anyway, back in fridge till it was good and hard…
Meanwhile we dipped plain pretzels in chocolate. I know some of you are having heart failure but around here we like the white choc best. 🙂

dip dip dip!

And then we caught her!
Lick, lick, lick!

We put her pretzels in a bag of their own. 🙂

Back to the Carmel ones. We dipped them in white Choc too.
And they are good!!!!!!

It will be awhile before we dip dip dip again.

So now the trick is, when the girls catch me eating a Carmel choc pretzel and they want one too, I give them a regular one and we’re all happy! 🙂 Please don’t tell them.

Now I have a question for you.

What would you do if you didn’t have any children around for 4-5 days?


20 thoughts on “Chocolate Carmel and all good things!

  1. Thanks for the great dipping idea.  Sounds yummy.  What would I do without children?  1.  Sleep whenever I wanted to.2.  Get a good book (s) and read whenever.  3.  Go shopping (leisurely)4.  Clean (because it would stay clean)  5.  Eat whatever suited me.  No wonder I have children.  I would be the most selfish woman around. 


  2. O my.  I would:1. Sleep as long as I felt like it.2. Get up and shower, and shave, and shampoo.  For as long as I felt like it.3. Then I would have some Bible study time.  For as long as I wanted to.And then I don’t know.  Those are my 3 greatest “wants/needs.”


  3. I see I’m not the only one who wants more sleep.  I would want to read, sew, organize outgrown clothes (theirs not mine, thankfully), think, and be able to do something from start to finish without stopping.  


  4. Wow they look good! I would have to have brown chocolate tho! Without children….. I would be silent and enjoy the peace! We have been to 2 parades in the last week and there is candy flying at a great rate around here. McKayla has been flying off the walls! I just got back from Wal-Mart and it was so wild in there I almost started screaming!


  5. wow, tasty treats! Looks good…I think I’m coming over! white chocolate is ok, but I still like my faithful brown chocolate1-2, I would wonder for two days what to do, 3 I’d pri wonder if they were ok, 4 I’d prepare to have them back! Here or there, we can’t live without them!!


  6. Was fun to read everyones ideas with out the children, looks like sleep will win :o) We just did pretzles too, but not with carmels, I’ll “need” to try that too! Have a great night, Kim


  7. YUM! Man, those things looks GOOD! Gonna have to make some… but with milk chocolate of course. 😉 Funny about the kid question because 2 days ago, I told S that what I would LOVE is 4 days with nobody else around, just my computer…. aaaannnnnddddd… my new scrapbooking program (that I’ve had less than a week and that’s keeping me up late at nights)! 🙂


  8. Bulk food store, HERE I COME!!!!!!  Thanks for the scrumptious idea!  We all love caramel around here (and MILK chocolate, thankyouverymuch!) so that will be a sure-fire hit.  Unfortunately, my boys will never fall for the trick that you’re pulling.  So I’ll have to make them ALL caramel & chocolate.Four or five days w/out children in the house?  Is this seriously happening to you?  I’m INSANELY jealous!  Well, if I were you, I’d go spend 2 days in PA hanging out with a gal named Jo, just for the fun of it.  I would definitely NOT edit pictures for at least one whole 24-hour period.  I would most assuredly devour ALL of the caramel-choco pretzels before someone else discovers them (and I might even make a whole new batch!)  Hmmmmm….and within 4 hours after they’d be gone, I’d have the whole house spotlessly clean & shiny, just for the pure JOY of watching it stay clean for 96-120 hours straight!!!!!!!


  9. I like Jo’s comment…..:) Sounds like what I would want to do. And sleep. And just do “WHATEVER I WANT TO WHEN I WANT TO WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! But I think I’d probably get bored after about two days of nobody to talk to all day long. 


  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only mom who hides the good stuff.  Why didn’t my mom pass down the, “I’ll-take-the-burnt-piece-I like-mine-a-little-darker,” unselfishness?So are you planning to offer free babysitting for awhile?  I would be really undecided, but would most likely end up working like mad during the day, doing stuff like lunches out w/ friends, stopping to see Steve at work, and definitely the two of us going shopping one evening, then ending up in  bookstore and staying there until they close–one of the many things we used to do a lot and I miss like crazy.  I stil haven’t completely adjusted from being a couple to being a family.  I’ve been thinking the last while how much I would love to have a week for the two of us to get away by ourselves.


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