How was your Thanksgiving?
Ours was good.
Good food, fun, friends and family! (and shopping)

We went to IN to spend Thanksgiving with Eric’s extended family. They usually get together every Thanksgiving and today when someone asked me how it was, “Just like normal!” was a good answer I thought. They never sit still, playing games, reading, talking, laughing, eating, always doing something! But that’s what makes it fun! It was just a normal Thanksgiving. We missed the ones that didn’t come, but there’s always next year!


IMG_4046_edited-1 IMG_4034_edited-1
Lots and lots of games to play.

New babies to see…and new Dad’s to watch. 🙂
Big babies taking rides in the walker. 🙂

Cheese-er! 🙂 This little guy never stops smiling!

Fun! Fun! Fun!
IMG_4075_edited-1 IMG_4082_edited-1
Candy for the kids!!!

New hair-do’s!!

and even some healthy food! 🙂

So we’re home now, all tucked in our warm house on this cold, drippy winter evening!
I’m thankfully for lots of things, especially for family and friends this Holiday season.
 (and a warm house tonight!)

One last visitor that we discovered the other day in the basement window well.
This is what happens when stray cats adopt you!



8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…

  1. Looks like fun and the non-stop action sounds like my kind of reunion.  IMO, they can either be boring or a riot, not too often much in between.  The three little girls on the picture where R. is holding the pinata head are so very adorable.  The kitty is very cute, too. 🙂


  2. Here we were in the same town and didn’t even know it.  We were at Aaron’s parents that weekend.  Looks like a good time.  Nancy was talking about their reunion it kind of crossed my mind that you may have been there.


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