leaves, leaves, leaves…

Well, around 589,435,074,478,546,758 leaves are now burning, burnt or otherwise gone with the wind!
Thank goodness for leaf blowers or I would be passed out on the ground out there. This is the 2nd time I’ve done the leaves this fall already and it’s not the last time, I’m sure! Eric was wondering if someone could invent a baler for them, then sell and make money off them. Hum, go for it! We have plenty of leaves and could use the money. 🙂

The girls hopped in the pile as soon as it was put together….

And then proceeded to scatter them hither and yon so that I had to blow and rake them back together before burning them.

Are we burning money? (Eric’s great invention)

Contemplating on his leaf invention!
Or playing Union Worker, I’m not sure which. 🙂

And this was the ending of the great leaf blowing day!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My oldest daughter has a strange way of thinking… wild imagination you might say, I’m not sure what to call it. She can drive me crazy with her theories and questions and thoughts sometimes. Like this one, and read this all in one big straight sentence without stopping to take a breathe!

 “So Mom, what if I would have someone else’s life? What if I wouldn’t have my life? Say I would have someone else’s life and I would be in their life, not in my own? How would I like living in their life and not my own? What it be like being them? I might be Jasmine and have to live with Erin’s then I wouldn’t have my own life, I would have hers! What would that be like?”  

And on and on and on and on and on and.. you get the point.
She makes me nutty sometimes.
I’m practical. I don’t think of things like that!
There is no point.
So don’t think it!

Then this afternoon here was another one. One part she heard somewhere, I’m sure.
She starts out with, “So Mom, if someone wants something you’re suppose to give them what they think they want.”
(That’s the part she heard somewhere, I’d say)
“Now if someone wanted to eat you,”
(Me: WHAT?)
“Mom, be quiet….say they want to eat you for lunch, you need to give them what they think they want by letting them get ready to eat you.
As soon as they are ready to start eating your leg, you need to say,
“You forgot to pray for your food!”
Then as soon as they start praying for their food, you get up and run away.”

Where did this child come from?
And what does that all have to do with each other?
I didn’t tell her that if someone is going to eat you they probably don’t pray for their food! 


Change your clocks tonight.  

16 thoughts on “leaves, leaves, leaves…

  1. start saving money for Yale. 🙂 I have such a little girl too… and I am like you, practical. She can drive me batty in a hurry with all her chatter and deep thoughts, too!Whenever Eric decides to build that leaf baler, let me know, I’d be glad to test run it in the Midwest and be the dealer for the area. LOL..


  2. we had a leaf blowing day too…  and I have never had a kid with that kind of imagination:).  right now our most interesting topic is how mom laid her babies…((groan)).


  3. LOL! Damys-My six year old can solve your children’s problem…He can tell them that the baby comes out her mouth! Of course, he says, that would be a terrible big mouthful. And it would be more like puking than eating..and we roll on the floor and laugh. And pity my husband cause it is his problem in correcting the poor boy.LOL!


  4. yah, it was high time to update, glad the pics warmed you up, I sure don’t miss that Ohio weather, it is just beautiful in this part of the country, I love how your little girl comes up with the impossible, she will someday be a great worrior for Christ, if that energy is all channaled in the right direction, bless her heart, have a BLESSED week!!!!!


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