Emma cake

Anyone else hungry for sweets?


I could eat a whole cake right now… that fact brought about this post!

Last Sat I was suppose to take something to (yet another) reunion and I was hungry for “Emma’s cake”, as we call it. My Aunt Emma had made it the first time we tasted it and hence the name.
Now I don’t like chocolate as a rule, but this cake is chocolate and I WILL eat it. I make it with a German Choc cake mix so it’s not quite as rich as some of you might like it. Use whatever kind of Chocolate you like, but with this one, German Chocolate is very good.

Mix a cake mix, bake it in 2 round pans.


Pretty simple. Once they are cooled, cut them each in half so that you will have 4 layers.

Mix 1 cup of milk with a 1/2 cup Butter Pecan pudding mix.
(1/2 C pudding equals a package you would buy at walmart or where ever)
Once that has set up a little, stir in 1 box of Cool Whip. Whip it up real good!

Now layer the pudding…
…and the cake.
The one layer was kind of raised in the middle so I sliced the top off to make it nice and flat. (and then ate what I sliced off, so you should too)


Now for the best part…

 1/2 C. Butter
1 C. Sourcream
1 1/2 C. packed Brown Sugar
Mix together and cook until it’s almost ready to boil. Don’t let it boil, just almost.

Cool, and then right before you’re ready to eat it, pour that yummy stuff all over the cake.


It will run everywhere, so wait till your ready to eat. I learned the hard way.


Then proceed to eat half the cake yourself!
And thank Emma when your done. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Emma cake

  1. This is finger-licking good stuff! Thanks for posting it, now I have the recipe. I was going to ask you for it awhile back and never got around to it. We will be over after church for some!


  2. The last while I’ve been on a chocolate binge.  So, this will have to be on the list of things to make soon.  The only thing the last time I looked for butterpecan pudding I couldn’t find any.  I guess we’ll see. Or, maybe you’ll just have to mail a cake down for me:)


  3. My mouth is watering, but there are no sweets in the house that I can eat at the moment. The chocolate cookies are not a good idea unless I want my son to be wide awake during the middle of the night from a super sensitivity to caffeine. I dream about the day I can eat the cake…and 101 other things. 🙂 Thanks for posting these pictures!


  4. Question about the cake….do you put the frosting & cake in the fridge or just eat it at room temperature???I want to make this..MMMMM.


  5. GROANNNNNNN    I started a diet today and chocolate cake is my weakness . Pie I can take it or leave it. I saw your foot prints on my site and thot I’d tell you I have a daughter Shannon and she has a daughter Madison!


  6. Oh, I am so going to make this! I have been sitting here drooling on the keyboard and then my 5-yr. old says very prissily, “That does NOT look good”. I dont’ get kids. She just slammed down a whole bottle of red kool-aid and begs for candy corn all the time and then doesn’t think this looks good? And funny that your husband wouldn’t go for Eden because i love your girl name Reagan but no amount of bribery would get Weldon convinced…Men. They’re a mystery!


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