Miller Camping


I think I should have written redneck in front of that title. We had quite the times. We camped down in Grandpa’s backyard, beside the pond that they put in a year ago. I’m not sure what they would have done with out the water. With the Miller’s if you think of it, you must try it, no matter how crazy it sounds. They did some tall thinking this weekend. Skiing, jet skiing, catching crawl dads, cooking turtles, and in between all that eating, eating, eating!


David got a old pontoon, much to his wife’s dismay, and the kids had the time of their lives on that thing. They were properly water logged till the weekend was over. The last night it was untied and a few people took it on a little spin around the pond.

Now one of the reasons for the Redneck title, would be water skiing behind a 4 wheeler.


Loren, ever the dare devil, try anything, kind of guy, wanted to try skiing! So, they pulled him with the 4 wheeler. After about the third or fourth try, it worked. 🙂 Darryl hung on the side of the 4 wheeler to watch so David wouldn’t have to look back while he drove.


They made a few trips back and forth like this. I do have quite a row of pictures from the first two tries if you’d like to see those.  It involved skiing right up the bank onto the grass. 🙂  


These 3 boys gave the kids buggy rides since we were missing a horse.

Someone found an old picture of a bunch of pigtail cousins from many years ago so these girls decided to re-enact the picture. I wish I had the original to scan in and show you. 🙂


That was then… 


… And this is now!

Someone had dug a hole for something… just what we needed was a big pile of dirt for the kids!


They were filthy all the time but they had fun! 🙂


Mom won’t feed me so I’ll just eat dirt!

And evenings …


We sat around one of Tim’s roaring fire. Regular firewood wasn’t good enough for him. He would go out in the woods with his truck and drag a dead tree back in and we’d burn the whole thing while we sat and ate, drank, talked, sang, told stories and laughed!


Today, I packed a lunch for 2 little girls. One of whom is just aching to go to school and the other one… well, I’m not sure what to say about her!


School started last week and a bunch of Madison’s friends started first grade. It was a tough week. Wed morning she got up and it was raining and she says, “Well good! It’s raining today, they’ll have to cancel school!!”


Little Miss Why licking her cottage cheese.

Her absolutely favorite and most over used word is, “Why?” So today they were eating out there and I took my camera out and was taking a few pictures and she says, “Mom, go take you camera ‘way!”

I said “Why?”

She goes, “Just cause, and don’t say Why all the time!”

Hum, wonder where she heard that!


12 thoughts on “Miller Camping

  1. Sounds like you all had fun, even if we weren’t there! I wanted to come so bad, but since we had been up quite a bit already this summer, we didn’t think we could come again this soon.   Maybe next year!  When Grandpa had his accident, we almost decided to come after all.  I kind of wish we just would have.  Who knows till next year if he will still be with us.  It sounded like he was quite the character in the hospital! Those nurses makes passes at him and all!   I wonder what we will be like when we get old!!


  2. @imjmelin – Kris was highly upset that you and Bethany “deserted” him. Well, as highly upset as Kris gets. 🙂 He was a little bit looney and wild and he blames it all on something that happened this summer and it had to do with a big white dress.


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