Rain on my window,

How I love thee!


After so many months of only a trickle here or there, it’s really raining today!


Thank You Jesus for the rain!


Does it ever rain in your life?

I was reading James 1 the other day.

A few things stood out to me and I jotted some notes down.

“A slave to God and of the Lord Jesus…”
Am I allowing myself to be a slave to God or am I a slave to myself?

“When trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy…”
Am I letting my troubles be an opportunity for joy or is it bogging me down, consuming my mind, and being a detriment to me instead of a stepping stones. I can use all my troubles for stepping stones in my christian life, if I just would.

“When your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow…”

Is my endurance growing? Am I getting stronger because of this? OR am I failing, sliding farther and farther backward as I get depressed about my situations and in turn depressed about everything around me?

A thought: We can’t really know the depth of our character until we see how we react under pressure.
Am I failing this test of character? How am I reacting to the things God has placed in my path?

Do I complain about my struggles or do I see them as an opportunity to grow? God has promised to be with me during these struggles so why am I complaining? God is there, ask him for the strength needed to endure. Then be patient.


10 thoughts on “

  1. Amazing how two people can read the same chapter & get the some of the same things out of them..I love the rain…today when i was so hot from cleaning i would have wanted to simply go stand in the rain..but there was more to clean so decided against that wish…


  2. Like your new background…It’s been raining here for about an hour now, I think, and it sounds so lovely!  I’ve been sitting here feeling so grateful that I listened to my urges & mowed the yard yesterday.


  3. Like your thoughts. Did you ever here the song “Bring on the rain”?  It is a hard song to sing when its raining in your life but a good one. I think Mercy Me sings it but don’t no for sure.We would love to have you come that weekend. It really does not bother me. I leave Sunday but you know how it is we are always packing and leaving so it’s really not a big deal.


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