of gardening and golfing

In the beginning it was the Garden of Eden. …. some corn, beans, tomatoes, like 20 of them, there were strawberries, lots of watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, chicken poop and WEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!

The strawberries did ok.

The weeds started growing.

Found about 60 volunteer tomato plants. Ok, maybe not 60. Maybe 30. We should have pulled them out but we didn’t. Now they are strangling each other.

The beans got ate up by bugs and gave up the ghost.

The weeds kept growing. I pulled them on occasions but couldn’t get them all.

Umm, what next. The corn produced about 6,7 or 8 yucky looking ears. (which the girls ate).

The weeds STILL kept growing. and growing. and growing.

The tomato plants are huge, the watermelon are crawling everywhere and Hurray! the pumpkins are trying to kill the weeds!!

Our Garden of Eden is a total nightmare. If you drove by it, and don’t, you’d think it was a fenced in weed patch. BUT I know where to walk to find things, so fear not, we’ll harvest the stuff that is still growing.

Now the reason for all of this was that chicken poop mentioned way up there. Moral of the story. Use in small doses if you want to be able to find your vegetables.

Amid the weeds we did find some ripe tomatoes tonight and a watermelon. It wasn’t quite ripe enough, but never mind that, they ate it anyway.



There is a dutch saying and it means “nose first!” Now would be a good time to say it if you can.


You really wouldn’t believe what all this nearly 3 year old still does!

IMG_0029 IMG_0030


Catch those drips over the bowl. 🙂


And since sister hogs the watermelon, this one just ate a half rotten/green/spotted tomato. 🙂


There is a golfing tournament tomorrow that Eric is going too. We had to make a few runs to the driving range to get ready.



I’m trying to be like Daddy.


Madison tried so hard to hit it as far as Daddy. 🙂

And one last one of the girls and I…





15 thoughts on “of gardening and golfing

  1. Woah, fresh off the press here. Good thing we didn’t get any of that chicken poop this year. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the weeds. 🙂 I don’t know when we are leaving. We had planned on going after golfing, but now we might wait till early Sat morn. Who knows.


  2. Hummm, you mean the Garden of Shannon? lol Recently I saw people laying down straw for weed control…which looks very nice and appears to work although if theres seed in the straw then they’ll pay later……. Cute pictures. Yes, we’ll see ya at the wedding. We travel to Richs aunts house this afternoon then stay there all wkend.


  3. Loved the pic of little one with her nose all wrinkled up!! I hope M didn’t eat that half by herself or she would be going to the bathroom all night. Have fun at the wedding & think about us slaving away doing corn!!


  4. it struck me kind of funny the way your little one’s flip flops are mismatched on the first picture.    your garden sounds kind of like mine…..weedy, weedy!   i keep it clean for the first little while and then i just get tired of it!  and now my hubby went and planted 4 more rows of beans.  i am kind of secretly hoping they don’t do anything!    no really, I will be grateful for more, i just don’t want to snap more beans!  


  5. Ha. Our garden of Eden went to weeds. They are now so tall that the boys play Indians and Cowboys in there and could actually get lost, I think. It works great to make trails for bikes. Why mow it?!! It’s a wonderful playground and they can spend hours in it. Happy golfing. Hope its nice weather for it!


  6. Enjoyed the post!!! Our garden sounds somewhat like yours. Except we didn’t get any veggies. Of course, we didn’t plant any either, it being a new garden in all. We did get a bumper crop of weeds, though. Let me know if you find any recipes for them!!


  7. just love that picture of you and the girls! looks just like you all!  You can’t believe what all the almost 3 year old does….. well, I can’t believe what my almost 4 year old still does!  We took an older lady from church to lunch today and she wails away in the back seat because she didn’t want to sit behind her, like she was scared of her!!!! I was once again mortified….. I think I am about taken down enough pegs by her now!


  8. Hi Shannon!Wow!  It sounds like our little garden.  You’d think we how small we started out, it wouldn’t have been so bad.  But, with 103 degree temperatures pretty solidly and no rain, it didn’t take long for our garden to not do well.  The only thing really left were some very small melons and a lot of tomatoes.  Even the tomatoes are dying out now.  Your melon was much bigger than ours and looks yummy!  It looks like everyone is having a great time!  I found your blog, through a link a friend gave me, on a board that I am on, to a board you are on.  Make any sense?  Not sure it does to me either!  LOL!Blessings to you and your family, and hope to “see” you around!~Kathy


  9. Ha. I should move my garden next to yours and then we could have like a “weedy garden anonymous” group or something! But, i did find out that peas love weeds!!! They just sorta use it as their own organic fence for crawling up. You have cute girls, btw.


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