Too Busy…

How do you slow life down?

How do you run in this rat race without becoming the rat?

I feel like I’ve become the rat.

We turned the page to August and I looked at it and it looks too full already. It feels over whelming because I know more things will be added as the weeks go by. Weddings, camping, go here and there and everywhere. What do you say “No” too?


Last Sunday night we had a wonderful evening… met friends at a park, ate, talked and had a jolly good time!


We ladies claim to be the reason we got together but the men were the ones we waited on when it was time to leave. 🙂


The offspring that did cause much rioting! 🙂


Sports? Work? Housing? Gas prices? Golf? Jobs? Whose knows what all!


While they talked, we formed our own club. “The Dieters!” Notice were we are sitting! 🙂


I brought candy. They ate it.


Wyatt ate the M&M’s out of the trail mix.

The next morning we got together again and did some more eating and some shopping. Super good times! We just missed the rest of the gang!


Monday night: enter OshKosh and Eric for the rest of the week…


…Sooo The girls and I went to see Grandma and her gang!


We went to the parade one evening. Anyone want part of a gallon bag of candy?


Katelyn and Lance… some cousin lovin’.

IMG_0073 IMG_0053

He’s getting so big …but not to big to cuddle.

Sarita was home from NY this time…


She entertained the girls with mule rides…. when they went with Tris, he took them on Donkey rides. 🙂

IMG_0081 IMG_0083

…playing in the creek. Check out Reagan’s leg on the last picture. 🙂

We went to Tris’s for soft pretzels one night. They were so good, we even made some “hard” ones. 🙂



Reagan is wearing the little John Deere dress I made for Katelyn. Reagan’s Dad wouldn’t have approved.

Time to do pictures of Katelyn again…



IMG_0171_edited-2 IMG_0225_edited-2



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