We have adopted a new look at our house.

We’re not all trying it tho. Only 5 year olds.


On Monday after an unfortunate episode of playing “horse” with a jump rope and a little sister, the one loose tooth became very loose and we pulled it. The left one was wiggling and kept getting “wiggled” till it was about ready to fall out. So we pulled it today!

Now she talk-th like thith. She’s glad her looth tooth came out but she can’t eat thweat corn.


Not to be out done, little sister produced this. πŸ™‚  

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  1. Wade has the same look, only it’s on the bottom.  He lost one awhile back, then yesterday on the trampoline, Kendric accidentally kicked out the loose one beside the missing one.  I think Wade thought he was dying…it bled a lot because it wasn’t quite ready.  Now I’m wondering how long it will be till the next loose one gets knocked out—they wrestle & tustle ALL the time, it shouldn’t take long!


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