When little a nephew appears, it calls for a little road trip to go see him! 🙂 This one seems to love nothing better then to eat, sleep and have a dry diaper. I won’t write his Dad’s exact words on here, but you can imagine.


He’d peaked just a few times, enough to have a little look at us, and then go back to sleep.

My girls scared the time out of me a few times! They had no idea how to handle a baby, banging around, crawling up beside you and just roughing him up! He didn’t seem to mind as much as I did.  

fourbysix - Page 001

His Dad is a big John Deere fan so that accounts for the tractor and truck. 🙂

We can’t forget this one, our world kinda revolves around her, until Lance is a little older. 🙂 


She gets such a kick out of my girls, laughing and talking when they come around. Her cutest little thing is pointing at something and then she says, “Ooohhhh!” Madison and Reagan almost smoother her.



She’s a little sweeper/eater right now. Before we could stop her, she ate a piece of grass.  Her mom has clean floors. 🙂


This is her Mom and Dad! 🙂 Her Mom’s as proper as Dad is crazy! 🙂 Can’t you tell?

It was warm out there so Sunday afternoon the girls cooled off in the little pool.


All was well and good until Reagan poured a cup of water over Katelyn’s head…


…and that was the end of swimming!


Dad makes all things well!

We went out to Tris’ Sunday evening and grilled hotdogs for supper. Lance showed up and brought his parents along so we all took a turn fighting for him. 🙂


Madison taking her turn.

We missed Sarita, she is off to NY for Bibleschool for 2 weeks.

IMG_0018_edited-1 IMG_0020 IMG_0026

Tim is out there too so we didn’t see anything of him. We just drove their cars around all weekend since they weren’t there to argue. 🙂

One last picture of sweet pea…


Don’t I just have the cutest neice and nephew?

One of these times we’ll show you the other side of the family too! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Indiana

  1. that baby boy is so cute i can hardly stand it. i could gaze at him all afternoon. but then my laundry wouldn’t get folded and no groceries would be purchased. but, oh, he is cute!


  2. Man, that little guy is CUTE! Seriously, he doesn’t even have that newborn look. Not fair that he can start out so cute… imagine what he’ll be like by the time he’s 2! Or 18! Lexi was here saying ‘awwwwww’. So nice that M & R have little cousins now, even if they make them cry. 🙂 That pool scene sounds alot like our bathtub scenes sometimes! For some reason, Lexi loves pouring water over Tiffany’s head!!!


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