Baby News….

We have a nephew!!! 🙂

Lance Michael

was born last evening!


He sneaked in before we thought he would, all ready to be out and have a look around at this big new world.


Can’t wait to go see him.

Congratulations Tys and Amanda!!!


7-06-08 014

7-06-08 004

4 thoughts on “Lance

  1. congratz on your new nephew! & thanks for your encouraging comment- it’s been a real joy for me to play around with photography, and if it can be a blessing to people, even better! btw, i think your sister-in-law freida, lived in ga with my sister clarita, a few years back! small world! 🙂 enjoy your summer! ps: i’ve run across your site here & there, also admiring your beautiful gift in photography–you have an eye for detail! i love seeing other photographer’s work!


  2. Hi, I love to visit your site though i don’t know you from adam. I found you through kitchen scrapbook. I love your photography skills. Keep up the good work. Anyway i have a small request a couple posts ago i saw you posted a pic of low broil. We are going to the cabin soon & I thought it look good but have no clue how to make it. If it isn’t to much bother could you please clue me in. If not that is fine too. Thanks.


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