Our camping weekend was a success! We could have done without the 2 bouts of rain, wind and hail, but we managed. Just made for some lovely mud for the kids to play it. I would have been happy to sit and do nothing all weekend but I never really got the chance. Besides cooking and eating, chasing kids, swimming, boating, jet skiing, and whatever else you can do on the water, we had a wedding to go to on Sat. It was hotter at the wedding then it was sitting at the campground.

After a few hours of playing on Fri evening we had a mini birthday party. šŸ™‚ I cheated and got a little cake for M at Kroger. šŸ™‚ (I know, what a mom!!)


It was just big enough for the #5 candle in the middle and 5 little ones around the edge. Here they are waiting to blow out the candles. They all helped and we re-lit them about 4 times so it was heavily spit upon. šŸ™‚


These 3 were willing blowers. šŸ™‚


Now everyone digs in with vengeance!! Once the little thing was cut they all got about one piece. šŸ™‚


And the smallest party goer was not going to be left out. He just stabbed a piece and ate. No need for the pretty plates. šŸ™‚


All the grandkids! or Ragmuffins, whatever you want to call them. šŸ™‚


Besides the party, the kids pretty much ran from 8 in the morning till we tied them in their beds at night.


Brooklyn got a ride out of one of her many potty trips.


I took these 2 to the playground. They seemed to share the love on the way back.


It rained in the evening so we all piled in the biggest camper. Here Loren is farting on Bethany. šŸ™‚


Joel had an over abundance of help starting the fire!

IMG_0003 IMG_0021

Sunday morning church by the kids.

IMG_0047 IMG_0044

Sunday lunch of Low Boil!! Good stuff.

And we can’t forget the rednecks that kept driving by all weekend. The guys got such a bang out of this car!


Think he could get anything else on or in it?



9 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Wow! This is hot off the press. I looked at my subs and then hit refresh and  there she was.  Yeah, great weekend. Hey i snitched a few pic, hope ya don’t mind. Bec was using the camera during the part, cause I had to beat Mr Hotshot, and the pic were blurry.    Btw, glad the cake wasn’t for everyone. I would have been grossed out to eat it and I don’t gross out very fast!


  2. Looks like you had alot of fun camping. It gives me fever to go now too. I’m curious about Sunday lunch. What exactly is “low boil”? What all was in it? It looks good. I’m just curious because we’re planning the camping this year for Jeremy’s family and I thought maybe it’s something we could try. See ya later. -Michelle


  3. Looks like a lot of fun!! We haven’t camped this year yet and once we get started we enjoy it but it just is hard for me to get to that point!!  NOW THE car!!!! I yi yi!! That thing looks terrible i hope they knew where everything went before they unpacked when they came!! You coming to the BEE this year!?!? Only a month away!!


  4. Makes me anxious to go camping with our camper..haven’t done that yet this year…loved the pics esp. the redneck camper car!!! BTW I plan to take the cutest purse and put goodies in it so that you will HAVE to buy it for Reagan at the Hostetler Auction..


  5. Oh, looks so fun! I liked the birthday party… too bad the kids took all the cake though. šŸ™‚ Ha, I think those campers in the car take about as much stuff along as we do when we go camping! And we said we couldn’t go camping w anything smaller than an Expedition… now I think we could, as long as we use plenty of ropes/straps/bungee cords! šŸ˜‰


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