Happy Birthday Madison!!

Today 5 years ago our little Sunshine was born!



How time flies! Don’t mind me, I’m just being sentimental and wishing things would slow down a little so I could enjoy it more. Here are her thoughts on the matter:

“I am finally 5!!! I can’t wait to be 6!!”


Of course if you take pictures of one, the other must participate. If that means doing flip flops and running in circles, rolling on the grass and acting crazy, then she participated wholeheartedly!


If you look close enough in her eyes you can see me lording over her, at least you can’t hear me!


Occasionally we got her to stand still!


Today is a tough day for Reagan. 🙂 She says, “Why I not havin’ a birf-day tooooooooo?”

Madison, we love you! Keep growing and being beautiful for Jesus.

I posted more wedding pictures on Moments.


12 thoughts on “Madison

  1. Gret pictures. How well I know about the poor little one with no birhtday!  I almost had to get her something to but knew it wouldn’t help the situation!


  2. Happy birthday, Madison! Shannon, I share your feelings on how fast time flies. The older we get… sigh… the faster it seems to go.  You have very beautiful girls and the pictures are adorable. 🙂


  3. Totally missed this post! I so often wish time would slow down too. Just the other day, Lexi was standing in front of me and I was thinking, “Girl, HOW can you be THAT big already?!!!” and I got a pang of sadness that she’s growing up so quick. I love your pictures of the girls! You oughta frame them, but then i guess about all your pictures are ‘framing’ quality. 🙂 You oughta be hugging that new little baby in the first picture! 🙂 Just kidding, I’m sure you did plenty of it.


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