the year of weddings…

or so it seems! I quit counting how many we’ve been invited to this spring and summer… I love a good wedding, but after awhile, all I can think of is the sitting in church part of it, esp with 2 girls. Thankfully, we didn’t take the girls to this last one, and there was no sitting in church for me! (or Eric, but I won’t tell you what all he did) ((think food, think town)) (((things like that)))

Since taking pictures at weddings means spending much time on the computer, these 2 have had the run of the house…

6-10-08_0024_edited-1        4-19-08 056 copy

Yesterday morning I was working on the computer, talking to mom and trying to watch what they were doing all at the same time! That is when I caught Reagan in the living room with a glass of  orange juice and a kitchen brush, painting the end tables with the juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Besides that, they change clothes a half dozen times a day and…. and… and…. It’s time to start being a mom again I think.


17 thoughts on “the year of weddings…

  1. You did a great job with these!  We just got out of a wedding next weekend, thank goodness!!  I’m not a fan of keeping 2 children quiet while sitting by myself and my DH is up front preaching…


  2. OMW the green grass!!!!  I can’t believe it.  It’s all brown around here!  The green and purple and red is very striking.  It looks like you had nicer conditions to work with this time. 🙂  Are you enjoying weddings?


  3. Shannon, those are SO beautiful!!! How in the world do you know where to put people that it looks so balanced and natural and perfect?! Great photography! I LOVE that covered bridge!!!! I can only imagine those 2 little people having the run of the house. Oh, and it sounds like Eric did that wedding like S likes to do them! :p


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