Well, how are things in your area of Budget Land? Hot and over worked? Yeh, here too. So to curb the heat we hit the Lake. 3 days in a row. Yes. You read right. 3 days in a row.


The kids and the sand seemed to get along well. Plenty of it came along home because it was tooooooooo COLD to wash off under the shower! Wonder how she just spent a half hour in the water and came out with blue lips and goose bumps the size of who knows what. Now which water was cold?

6-10-08_0075  6-10-08_0074

While the sun was out they had a blast!


Tucker shoveling muddy, sandy something.

Becca gets the credit for these top pictures. She has fallen in love with my camera I think. 🙂 Click away!


Here are the guys sailing past.


And here they come dragging the poor jet ski. We got it going again and yesterday we took it back to the lake to work the kinks out of it. (Anyone else think the boat is a little overloaded?) 🙂



We’re up to the usual tricks here at home. Wild Child is sitting on my lap now watching me do this and she says, “What their doing up there? Digging for some-fing? WHY?” Well, I  sure don’t know. You tell me why!

6-10-08_0020a  6-10-08_0024_edited-1

These are her looks when she’s been up to something naughty. Kinda a sneaky, guilty, you caught me look. The other day it was quiet for awhile so I started looking. I couldn’t find her and when I looked out on the back porch there was her dress and panties on a little pile. It’s good we live in the woods.


They need a little pow wow time with Daddy when he comes home from work.


Had fun with these 2 the other night.





8 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Yeah, I know all about 2 year olds undressing themselves……the other day Megan was playing in her little pool.  Next thing I knew, she came to find me, was stark naked and wanted me to look at something.  She had thrown her swimsuit up in the air and it got caught in the gutter!!  In the front yard….what will she think of next???


  2. Wild she may be, but she is such a charmer! We are not hot in this corner of the country. Actually, we are trying to stay warm. Yes, you heard right, trying to stay warm! When I saw you went to the lake, the first thought I had was maybe we could go too and go iceskating.  It isn’t actually that bad, but it has been so chilly.


  3. Love the expressions! 🙂 The lake and the boat looks like fun. When i was growing up, we basically lived on the lake in our boat. We’d often go out after supper and come home after dark! I’d think my dad would’ve got tired of launching and loading the boat so often. Now we’re too busy in the summer to enjoy the lakes all around us. Great pictures of the couple.


  4. Yah… her sitting wasn’t to restful. guess she doesn’t realize the joys of relaxing and being pampered. She gets her panties in such a wad all the time it takes half my efforts to keep her happy. I was telling them each step I was doing and said the one was taking the (dead) skin off and makes your feet so smooth. She went into hysterics because she didn’t want her skin to come off!  After it was all over she smiled sweetly and said she liked it so I guess in her way she did! 🙂 Love the lake….. makes me long for our boat again, and the time to use it!


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