of happenings…

What’s happening your way??

We’ve been staying home the last while… Mom and Dad came in over the weekend. We had fun with them, got to see some extended family. We sat back and relaxed a lot of the time. If you know Dad, that’s kinda hard for him to do but I think he did pretty well. 🙂

 5-19-08 020

Our expert fire builder started a fire for us on Fri evening so that we could roast marshmallows and make smores. The girls loved that.

5-19-08 024 5-19-08 029

Reagan was totally Grandma’s girl for the weekend. She’s been asking “Where’s Gramma?” all the time since they left.

She’s also started something else.

Finishing Mom’s coffee in the morning. 🙂 Is that a sign that I doctor it up to much?

5-19-08 002

5-19-08 006 5-19-08 008

5-19-08 007

“Good to the last drop!”

I just got a kick out of her that morning. She wanted that pink bandanna tied around her head and then said, “Can I ‘rink you coffee mama?” She didn’t talk at all till she was over 2, since then I thought it was non-stop. If it can be worse then that, it has been lately. She never quits!

5-19-08 033a

The other night this one says to me, “Mom, you know, you know how you just get so attached to some things. How you just hate to do without them. I just don’t know how I’m gonna be able to do without my pink sweater and those cloppy shoes! Why don’t clothes grow too?”

This all stems from the fact that the pink sweater and cloppy Sunday shoes were to small and had to be put in the box. Her Mom’s thoughts on the matter, “Oh my word! If you are this attached to clothes, you are gonna have one hard life!!!” But I didn’t tell her that. 🙂

And No, I didn’t put that bow in her hair.





8 thoughts on “of happenings…

  1. Reagan is so adorable. That pink scarf is hilarious! Making a scrapbook like that is a great idea. I’m sure that they will be treasured and appreciated for years to come!


  2. That coffee cup looks very familiar!  i have one just like it that i use prettty much every morning. my kids like it too – to drink hot chocolate out of it!  nothing like longaberger!!       i wish you lived closer to take some pictures of my baby. i have been putting off taking his 12 month picture – and actually missed it because of bumps bruises…. bad haircut, etc. he is now 13 months and has pink eye! i give up!


  3. Please tell me it is decaf coffee 🙂 🙂 If not I can’t feel sorry for youwhen she gets wild! he he  That little girl to the left of the swing on the last pic has to be you??? It def looks like your girls!


  4. I have one of those motor mouth children. He’s 4 and didn’t speak clearly for alooong time, now he counts to 100 for me several times a day, talks loundly to all his toys, tells me something, asks me why it’s like that, then proceeds to answer his own questions. Never. shuts. up!! I really don’t mind it usually:)


  5. That’s funny. Tiffany finishes my coffee too. I gave it to her one morning and ever since, she asks for it. Comes up to me and says, “Wome (warm) o’ hot?” and if I say warm, then she steals it. Love the bandana. 🙂  That was so funny about what Madison said about growing out of clothes. I had some clothes that I wish could’ve grown up with me too! Wow, that’s quite a project you got going! They’ll love it! On that last picture, I see a girl who is so obviously you (blue dress in back). Maybe you’re on the other picture too, but I can’t tell. I like that other little girl in the blue dress too. She is so cute and looks full of mischief. 🙂 


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