Reagan’s Antics

We had our school supper last night…The kids ran wild.  It rained. Need I say more? Eric brought Reagan in with her shoes, socks and dress covered in mud!! We took the socks off, cleaned up everything else and put the shoes back on. The next time I found her, here’s what she was wearing.

Anything - Page 005

I have no idea where she found these. We found her shoes in the middle of the lawn.

Eric was home yesterday afternoon and so I went to the gym to help and Reagan stayed with him to nap. Well, I failed to tell him to wake her after 2 hours. She slept for a good 3!!! She is the kind that can only handle so much sleep. Last night I finally got her to bed at 10:30. She was up again at 11:30 and this morning at 7:15 I hear someone banging around in the kitchen!!!!!!! ughhhhh! grrrrrr! I slammed a pillow over my head and stayed in bed for 15 more minutes till the noises became to much. I walked out here and glared at her and she just smiled and said, “I eating cookies, Mom!” And so began our day. I don’t think I’m gonna let her sleep all day. (then I’ll have to wake her tomorrow morning to go to church) What a circus we run!

022 copy

As I said, it rained last night. This showed up in the field across the road. We could see both ends it was so low.



11 thoughts on “Reagan’s Antics

  1. I am guessing that picture is you too.  Do you do your scrapbooking on the computer to make your letters stand off the page?  On that last page it looks like the letters aren’t touching the page.


  2. BEFORE Iread any other comments, I was gonna guess that little girl holding the puppy is you too! Cute! Love your scrapbooking! I’m on the lookout for a new digital scrapbooking program. I’ve decided that mine looks too clip-art-y and I don’t use it much because of that. I love that circle effect on the ‘mud’ page.  Hey, don’t glare at Reagan for starting the day off with cookies. Doesn’t sounds like a bad idea! 🙂 I love her antics. Ah, lovely rainbow. Too bad about no pot of gold. We could’ve split it. 😉


  3. hey girl, what program do you use to do your scrapbooking in? your pages are so neat….I’m going to do a page for Erin’s school teacher…and I’m needing some ideas. later, Darla


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