Well, the call to update has been niggling in the back of my mind all week. But what about? I just read a good post about how we all just write about the “good, fun” things happening in our lives instead of the junky days we have. True enough, but I think we all know that what happens at my house probably happens at yours too. πŸ™‚ At least I’m hoping it does or else they’ll be coming to get me soon for a whole list of crimes.

This week has been one of those weeks where the kids have done just about everything there is to do. I worked 2 days, so it probably didn’t help that I had been put through the wringer till I got home and I didn’t feel like dealing with some fighting yet. Here’s my question of the week. How do the 5-days-a-week working mom’s do it? Let’s just say, I couldn’t! At least not full time.

Reagan is on a rampage again. I thought that maybe since she started being naughty so young she’d grow out of it quicker. (ha ha) No such luck. She’s into changing clothes lately, like 95 times a day!!! What is with it? I do so much laundry and I think half of it is her’s. As of this morning she’s had 3 shirts, 2 pairs of socks and 3 different pairs of pants on. You say, “Well stop her!” I can’t explain it. She can’t be stopped cause most of the time I can’t find her doing these things, she just appears with them done. This morning while I was making breakfast she came into the kitchen with NOTHING on. Guess we’re saving on laundry.  On to other naughty things… Yesterday I saw her go scooting under the desk. Not a good sign when she’s hiding. Here she had 3 little tablets and a little scissors. No need for the imagination there on what she was going to do. Other then sitting in the bathroom counter with the sink full of water, soaking her feet and pouring water over her head I can’t think of any other major things. It’s just all the little things I deal with a 100 times a day.  Right now she just opened the front door, leaned out and then yelled, “I spit outside!” ????????????

4-5-08 044 copy

Here’s the party that was going on a little while ago. See, she’s hardly ever fit for pictures b/c of dressing herself. Go ahead, blow it up and see what she’s wearing.

We have had a project going on most of the winter now.

March - Page 001

…and the girls are loving them. Anyone need a set? Eric can build them for you. πŸ™‚ I don’t think he’d appreciate me saying that. He said one set is enough. We have quite the fights to sleep on the top …

Such exciting things that we have to attend…

March - Page 002

Last Sat night we had a birthday party to go to and the girls were almost besides themselves with excitment. Birthday parties are just the thing right now. Madison wants to know why everyone has a birthday before she does. Well, I know  a few people who would give her their birthdays. Her mom for one.

Well I’m gonna cut this short, I need to go put the wild one to bed. Ahhh peace…


9 thoughts on “Life

  1. I promise…we somehow got sisters living in different states, different houses and different parents!!! πŸ™‚  But there is hope! The streak of goodness or should I say “livable actions” has continued now for over a month.I am beginning to believe she is growing up! (knock on wood)  I solved the clothes problem somewhat by getting a big rubbermaid box and putting dress up clothes in it, all kinds of stuff from the thrift stores. They change all day long, this morning she must have had 3-4 sets on before 12. At least I can throw them back in and don’t have to wash them and the drawers aren’t in utter chaos at all times!


  2. But somehow, amidst the “naughtiness” you gotta love a little girl with a big imagination.  I never could keep up with Ashley either. Seems while I was cleaning up one mess she was making another.
    Did you do those scrap sheets with your new program?


  3. One old grandma told me once that before I know it, I’ll be her age and all my little ones will be gone- just enjoy them while you have them, she said. I thought it was wise, but I still want to scream some days. πŸ™‚ Hang in there. Someday she’ll have a wild little girl of her own and then you can sit back and chuckle, eh?


  4. Oh boy! I know all about the scissors! Tiffany cuts everything around here! Yeah, it’s so easy to say ‘stop her’ but I don’t usually find it out till later. Sometimes when I see her cutting something precious of Lexi’s (like one of the 1000 pictures she drew), I just whisk it away into the trash and Lexi never misses it. That’s funny about the clothes. πŸ™‚ Hey neat bunk beds! He oughta make and sell them! I think bunk beds are a pretty hot item, at least they used to be very popular at our furniture store.    Looks like everyone is really partying at the b-day party! I’m trying to see the cake better… looks like someone laying out and palm trees. Ok, maybe I’m way off, but 3 cheers for the beach anyway! :p


  5. @kaylouann – It’s a swimming pool with little pollies swimming in it. πŸ™‚ The blue stuff is blue cool whip with oreo icecream underneath. It was a cool little icecream cake. Gummies lifesavers and gob stoppers were the beach toys.


  6. Those scrapbook pages are great!! And yeah, I think we all have those days, so why not be honest about that part of our lives too? I did the same thing with dress up clothes as jkfamily, and that’s helped a lot. But I have a 5 year old who still thinks she needs a different set of pjs almost every night. Oh well, there are worse things in life. Have a great weekend!


  7. You tell me about those five days a week working moms….if I’d have to be one I’d want to be the kind w/ the nanny who comes to your house and does your cleaning and laundry while you’re at work!


  8. Okay, I’ve always wondered if you’d work full time if you and the kids would be so glad to see each other in the evening (and you get adult stimulation during the day) that it would go much more smoothly, or if it would just make everyone grouchier.  I know, I for one would have enough guilt issues to supply a book w/ material.


  9. i am reading your comments, and love the idea of a container for dress up clothes. i too am a mom of a little girl that plays dress up almost constantly – and have piles of her wash.    why didn’t i think of a container just for her dress up clothes before??  see… xanga Is helpful.  thanks for the interesting post.


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