2-22-08 019

2-22-08 141

2-22-08 096

We’re enjoying the sun and sand.


16 thoughts on “Florida

  1. That looks absolutely wonderful!!!! Ya’ll sent us some cold weather again, but guess we will hang on till Sat.. I think I can lay out again then :).


  2. It looks like you may as well stay down there awhile yet. We’re plastered in snow again and the forecast does not look too hopeful. We do miss you tho. Jasmine and Tucker asked yesterday when in the world Madison is coming home. They think she’s gone SOOOO long!!! I agree, but don’t blame you. We’d be down there too if we could be. Enjoy the sun for me, ok???? 


  3. Hey!  I should have borrowed your internet connection while I was down there!  🙂  We just got home – got a couple kids in bed – showers taken – bags unpacked – and a load of laundry going.  It is SO good to be home – even if we have snow here.  Maybe we’ll run into each other down there again sometime..  then we could all go to the beach together or something.  You home yet?


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