Happy fall everyone??? It was 90 on Monday and by Wed. it was a high of 50* I think!

We can’t quit shivering! It’s kinda fun to pull out the jackets and sweaters and bundle up, but I know the fun won’t last for long. I dread going away in the winter with the girls. Coats, shoes, hats, gloves and everything that goes with it. I am NOT a winter person and as soon as the cool weather hits, my natural pessimistic nature comes out with it. Guess I’ll try and make the best of it.

Sarita is still here. She’s going home the first of next week and we’re gonna miss her! The girls think it’s great having someone here that spends most of her time spoiling them. I think it’s great cause I have someone to go with me everywhere and help with everything and babysit any time I need it. And there’s just no one like your sister to just completely be yourself with. We have been on the run a lot of the time it seems. Dentist and Dr appointments for Madison, van appointments, running for things here and there and tonight Eric decided to take us out for supper… can’t say no to that.

We took a few pictures last week when we were practicing for school pictures. Finally got a half decent one of Reagan to use for her 2 year picture.

10-02-07 079

She was quite a pickle to take a picture of.

10-02-07 072

I like this one except for the shadow on Sarita’s face from Madison’s head.


Sunday night we went to the bike trail and walked, roller blades, biked and climbed on the train sitting there. The girls enjoyed it. Their mom huffed and puffed along behind.

10-02-07 098

Reagan and her Daddy

10-02-07 122 10-02-07 126


We had another monumental moment here this week too. See if you can figure out what it was from this picture. 🙂

10-06-07 067

We wiggled and jiggled for a few weeks and then one day I pushed it a little too far and it started to bleed. So I got a tissue and was wiping the blood and while I wiped I pulled it out and kept wiping and she never said a thing. Once I was done, I showed her the tooth and she looked at it,  and started to cry. She was pretty proud of it once she got over the fact that it was out!

I’ve been thinking about faith and trust lately. How much faith do I have? Trust?

When I tell Reagan to “Jump, I’ll catch you!”, she jumps.

Madison was sick on Monday and I was holding her before she went to bed and she prayed and asked Jesus to help her feel better then she says, “Now I’ll feel better tomorrow!”

Faith! Complete Trust!

 I ask God for something, but do I have a few doubts lingering in the back of my mind?

God asks me to do something, do I question? ask? make sure it suits me? check out all the aspects of it? and think about it for awhile before I just “jump”!

What does complete Faith and Trust mean?



16 thoughts on “life

  1. adorable pictures. It’s hard to imagine that it’s cold.  The weather down here in Texas is still the same as It was when we moved down from IL.  So, it’s hard to get it in my head that it’s fall.  I too dread the shoes and coats.  My children hate shoes.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and they won’t need it. Good questions on faith.  Wish I had the answers.


  2. Oh, the picture of Reagan is so SWEET!!!  And Madison lost a tooth already?  How old is she?  Wade is 6 & still has a perfect smile (I should get his pics taken before he loses one!—will you take them?)  But I lost my teeth late, so maybe he’s got my genes in more ways than one.
    Ah, the questions on Faith and Trust….I’ve been grappling with them all over again recently.  Every time I think I’ve got it/them figured out, God throws me another curveball & I strike out.  *sigh*  G’night…  ~Jo


  3. loved the pictures too… how often when I pray and things don’t work out I say’ I didn’t really expect them too”?  I’m often challenged by the simple faith of our children!


  4. Cute pictures… Faith and Trust…believing God will keep His promises. Like you said (indirectly) it’s like jumping when God says jump and knowing without a doubt He will be there to catch us. Thanks for giving me something to think about.


  5. I like your pictures….And the question?? I have thought of that to, our children seem to have that trust in us that we as adults should have in God but it is hard to do that. To think of seeing my children question me like I tend to question God sometimes??? OUCH!!! It would hurt to see and feel that and I’m sure God feels that with me sometimes.


  6. Where did you eat last night?? We were in town too.  Let me guess it was Fazolis or Chipotle???   We finally got Landons pic taken. I forgot all about taking him to school till it was over. 
      Yeah, my faith and complete trust still needs a lot of work!   I never could do teh trust fall even wen I was younger!  I really need to work on that one!
    Well Landon woke up so now I need to get him some b-fast!  Have a good day and enjoy your Mary Alice!


  7. So i wrote a comment and it ate it! Kinda seized up first. Anyway, I love that first picture of Reagan… I didn’t know she had such long curls! I’d have huffed and puffed on the bike trail with you! My mom and dad live close to a nice bike trail, complete with a couple tunnels! We’d often take company there and walk thro it. I need more faith and trust. I’ve heard it’s jumping without knowing what you’re jumping into, no calculating how it might end up.


  8. Ha, we must have been commenting about the same time.
    RYC:  Oh, I know.  I keep thinking if someone would just explain a few things in my language and I could jot a few notes, I could skip and run.  BTW, the book I’m reading is written in way that’s a lot easier to understand.  Last night I was doing other research and was just despairing.  My brain can only take so much. 
    Yeah, I wish you could come over to play with the camera (and help me figure it out since you seem to be pretty tech-y 🙂 )   I keep reading that it’s not the camera, but the photographer that makes the picture.  I believe that because I’ve seen some pictures from PandS that are nicer than pics from SLRs.  There’s a lot to say about composition and lighting….  Even then, I just really think this camera will do good things for me.   What camera are you using?  I don’t guess you need a tripod?  I just bought one several months ago, but I don’t think I’ll be able to use it with an SLR.


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