Reagan is 2

Happy Birthday to my little Reagan Marie! 2 years old!

9-24-07 045

Our wild, sweet little girl!

We went to a play ground and then played in the leaves for her birthday. Doesn’t take much to make a 2 year old happy. πŸ™‚ We had cake and icecream tonight and that made her very happy. πŸ™‚

10-02-07 018 10-02-07 021

We were in IN over the weekend to see our sweet little neice/cousin (and everyone else) πŸ™‚


We had so much fun holding her and loving her! (and then sending her home with her proud papa for the night!!)

9-29-07 014

Reagan tried her best to squeeze the life out of her. She scared me a few times.

9-29-07 047

We had an early birthday party for the 2 year old. Sarita and Grandma made a candyland cake with sooooooooooo much candy. Reagan looked at it and said. “EAT!”

9-29-07 039 9-29-07 120

Baby dolls! They all knew she like dolls, now she has plenty.

9-29-07 140 9-29-07 143

We had a baby shower on Sunday afternoon for Katelyn and Lisa. Fun to see lots of people again. Katelyn was super baby the whole time. She slept like a rock!

Well, my mind is blank right now. Can’t think of anything else to write. Sarita came home with us so we’re having a good time with her.

13 thoughts on “Reagan is 2

  1. Wade wanted that Candyland cake for his birthday (thanks a lot, TOH!).  I looked at it & almost barfed!!!  Thankfully, it didn’t work out for me to make one, after all, and he happily settled for a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, instead.  *whew!*
    Katelyn looks like a picture-perfect baby…so cuddly & sweet & cherubic…no wonder her Daddy’s proud!
    And your “wild child” looks almost angelic on that first picture.  Look out, here comes the Terrible, Terrific Twos!!!  Happy Birthday, Reagan!  ~Jo


  2.  Reagan does look very sweet…
     Let’s hope at two it doesn’t get worse… Alex was a great kid till he turned two, then I know others who were very wild but became very well behaved at two. Maybe you will have that to look forward too! πŸ™‚
      I really want to have you guys over but …TIME!!!  later ~ Di


  3. Indiana…you should have come and visited me!!  I have to agree your wild child is adorable…and so is here cake.  I can hear my children exclaiming over it.  They should still be in bed, but the 2 boys are chattering away on the couch.  Since I didn’t get any quiet time…I’ll leave them there.


  4. Uh-oh! Reagan has hit the terrible twos! πŸ™‚ She’s awfully cute peeking around that tree. Tiffany tries to squeeze the life out of my friend’s baby too, then when i try to adjust her arms or take the baby away, she squeezes tighter! Cute cakes, esp the baby one! Lucky you, getting in on the baby shower too!


  5. I hope you will come visit again….I plan to post some things about your post on Sept. 27th…now that my two beautiful daughters are grown. I had a “wild” one too. Never thought I’d be as close with her as we are….though situations came into our lives that caused us to become very close. Everyone always said, “Oh they grow up so fast and you will look back and miss all this”. Well time DID indeed go by fast, looking back, and they did grow up so fast. I do look back, but not with missing anything. I was a stay at home mom their whole growing years…and I felt VERY MUCH like that post you did on Sept. 27th. I have absolutely no regrets other than not TAKING more time to be ME every now and then. We did everything together all the time. My hubby and I split up one day a week to take each girl on a date so we could spend time alone with each one. It was always special time for THEM as well as for us. But I let myself be put on the bottom rung all the time and that wasn’t good. My hubby and I took occasional time together, but never trips alone without the kids. I’m glad we maintained a good marriage through the kids growing up. Something that always stuck in the back of my mind as I raised my girls was this: Remember, “You were a couple before they came. They will leave home someday and you’ll be a couple again. Make sure you take time to be that couple during their growing years so you won’t wake up when the kids leave home and wonder who in the world is next to you in bed.” God bless you this weekend. Treasure your little “active one”. She is probably keeping you running, but in the long run, she is keeping you young. Someday she might just become your lifeline (aside from the Lord of course)


  6. So Reagan is two?  I would love to meet her, and see her craziness firsthand!  Congrats on your first (?) niece.  Kiersten saw her picture and said “baby” and got all excited!  Have fun spoiling her.


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