You’ve been invited to one afternoon of listening to Madison. This was all random things that she shot out at me while I scrapbooked.

“Mama, what’s under the ground?”

“When will I grow up?” (wish I knew) “What am I gonna be when I grow up? I think I’ll just put my kids in a daycare!”

“It’s freezing outside!” (70*)

“I should do school but I always get it messed up and have to unrace it.”

“What should we pray for?  ….  Those old sick people at church?” ()

“When I grow up I’m not gonna drive or scrapbook. I’m gonna make my kids do it. Why don’t you make your kids do that stuff? You should!” (hint hint)

9-3-07 010

“Preston’s pretty smart, but I have more friends then he does.”

“You can milk goats because they have udders!”

“Everytime I see Freida, I’m gonna say, “Hi Freida!”

“My grandpa has gobs of land. Do we have gobs of land?”

“How old is Grandma? Carrie Grandma! Can we go to her party? I want them to have whistles at her party. The kind that blow out and unroll when you blow them. And hats too. Cakes too. And popcorn!”

“I’m so ticked the Browns won.” ()

“If girls were made of sugar and spice the boys would just eat them.”

Come visit sometime.


26 thoughts on “M

  1. 🙂    I love little girls chatter!!! (even when some days I want to scream!) They are just the best thing created!  I would find it very interesting to watch our girls together……..


  2. That was good! I’d love to meet her. I need to write more stuff down that Lexi says. I think she and Madison could talk an entire afternoon without pauses! Shannon was in here when I read your post, so I read it to him. He said she needs to watch her language about the Browns. 🙂


  3. They think of a gazillion things in one day! Funny though cause I’m the same way and I’m grown up. [: One time i told my husband all the things I was thinking at that exact time. He was quite amazed. Maybe that’s just all women. [:


  4. She will talk her husband silly… just kidding…I’m sure mine will too, and I sheepishly admit–I’m guilty of it myself. I love how she’s “ticked”. You ever wonder why they cling to words like that.


  5. RYC: Your comment was rather Greek to me, what with my football knowledge and all. 🙂 So, I asked Shannon about it. He said, “Oh yeah, Cincinnati won, but only with help from the zebras.” and then he laughed as though you should be passing that on to Eric. 🙂


  6. i made those oatmeal raisin cookies….YUMMM! i’d tell you how many i have eaten so far, but it would be more outragous than anything madison said!!


  7. oh the minds of little girls!!:)thanks for the comment. yes my heart likes to hide too often…grrr.it just seems so much easier usually. but it NEVER is worth it, believe me! *sigh*have a good day!! xoxo, ginni


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