Of Fishing With Kids

And then there is Monday,
that day after a relaxing weekend.
Yeah, THAT day.
The day my brain refuses to function correctly.

It was a good weekend.
The first one since the middle of June
that we have been home the entire weekend with nothing calling our name.
We caught up on a few things around here
and then took the kids fishing at Grandpa’s pond Sat night.

Fishing (1)

Not my favorite activity, by a long shot.
Worms, gills and slim,
never mind flying hooks, mud
and a total 3 ring circus.
I should have sold tickets!
I think we “fished” for over 20 minutes
before Eric ever cast his line.

Fishing (2)

See photos for case in point.
There was always someone needing something.
Where was I besides taking photos?
Dodging hooks and doing the same thing he was doing!

Madison caught a bunch of fish to start with.
I get half the credit for all hers caught
because I baited the hook and then took them off.
She is one of those non-touchers when it comes to anything gross.
Her version is that she will do anything else, just not worms.
I finally told her if she wants to fish she has to do it all herself.
Reagan pipes up and says, “Oh I’ll do it for you!”
Yeah, I didn’t have to bait any for her.

Fishing (3)

And this guy.
We baited, tossed and he slowly reeled.
Repeat process.
At one point Eric picked up the pole at the same time the fish bit.
Mr D still think he caught that fish!
And yes, he is quite happy fishing with a pink pole.
Please don’t ruin that or you will be buying him a blue one.

Fishing (4)

She finally managed to snag a half decent one.
Don’t ask me what it’s called.
All I know was that it was 15 inches long and
she refused to hold it for a picture.

(Have you seen Eric fishing yet? Nope!)

While that was in progress Reagan snagged her line.
After much yanking and yelling, it was still not coming loose.
The Dad to the rescue. again.

Fishing (5)

We finally found a good spot for him to sit.
It was getting dangerous to even stand still
for fear of being hooked.
He sat here for the longest time,
never moving except to yell that he’s not catching anything.
One time I looked over to see him standing, watering the pond.
Must have worked because he caught one soon after that.

Fishing (6)

If someone caught a fish in one spot,
everyone else ran to that spot.
Reagan caught a little one from the boat next.
If it’s the same one, I don’t feel sorry for him.

The Father of the tribe made his escape as you can see,
and let me deal with worms and hooks.

What happened next across the pond,
I wish I had on video, but since we don’t,
we can only hope you have a good imagination.

Fishing (7)

He caught the biggest fish ever caught in this little pond
and such hooping and hollering you have never seen!
He was quite happy with his 21.5 incher.
It just might have been worth 20 minutes of baiting hooks to catch this guy.

Fishing (8)

And because we had enough fish and Eric caught a bigger one,
Madison had to let hers go.
She was not amused about it at all,
but was willing to carry it over and drop him in.

All in all, they called it a good evening but
I for one am not asking for a repeat.
Next time we go, I’ll let you know.
If you should decide to come watch,
just know you’ll be doing more then watching.

To be Encouragers



What does this word mean to you?
Does a certain person pop into your mind?
Someone whom you depend on,
always there, taps into your hurts and knows just what to say.
When you leave the presence of this person
they have lifted your spirits.
You smile.


People come to my mind.
Am I someone who comes to the mind of others?
Sadly, probably not enough.
I think of someone,
I might breathe a quick prayer for them,
but do I ever tell them?
Our Sunday school teacher challenged us
this week to be the encourager.
Let others know we care.

Be that encouragement for someone today!



It comes in all forms
and a lot of these only take a few minutes.
Be someone who makes others smile this week.


a hug


a text

phone calls


a meal

as simple as a smile

an email


just listen

a note

and so many other things,
just waiting for you to do!

Be the doer!
Someone out there needs you.


“Be strong and courageous.
Do not fear or be in dread of them,
for it is the LORD your God
who goes with you.
He will not leave you or forsake you.”
Deut. 31:6


A Sweet New Bebe

When a sweet new niece is born,
it calls for a trip to go see her.
And the rest of the gang too, of course.

We had a good weekend,
stacked to the brim with things happening.

IN 2

There was the meet and greet of the little one herself.
And a lot of time was spent saving her from other small people.

IN 1

There were swing rides with the new big brother.


And sand box time.
Kennedy tasted it, of course.

IN 3

Big cousin met little cousin.
He loved her.
And Miss Little eats M&Ms after a nap.

IN 4

There were swing rides and buzzing bees.

IN 5

There was fresh corn on the cob…
with more then one way to eat it.
Left to right? Right to left?
Around and around?
Or with no hands?

IN 6

There were golf cart rides and jeep rides.

IN 7

The Clampett’s came to town.
They had the wave down pat and everything.
Someday we’ll go visit them in Hollywood.

IN 8

There were tractor rides and ice cream bars.

IN 9

There was more baby holding
and cousin love.
He is 6 months younger
but a little bigger all around then she is.

IN 10

And there were pictures of the sweet bebe.
She peaked open an eye to say hello
and then went back to snoozing.

In between all these things,
there was just a lot of action,
just like it always is at Grandma’s.

It’s a good life.

Bedtime Little Boy

Oh the things a boy can do when it’s time to go to bed.

A drink he needs to quench his thirst.

On the way to get a drink he finds a toy airplane.
A fly by is needed.

Bored with that, he sits on the floor and picks at his toes.

Once cleaned, he ambles around and finds a book.
Lie on the floor and read awhile.

He hears Mom in the kitchen.
Oh yes, he’s hungry.
Is there a snack?
Munch. Munch.


Now, time for bed again.

Oh, he forgot about those teeth he was to brush.

Why walk to the bathroom?
Why not roll tonight?
Roll slowly.

And on the way to brush, tease a sister or 2.

Toothpaste, oh the joys of something so blue.
Check out the pictures on the tube.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
Oops, got some on the counter.
That’s ok, I’ll just play with it.

Oh no, the tooth paste slipped off the side of the brush.
Cry because it’s not on straight.
Straightness is a must.

Mom fixes it.

Finally brush, brush, brush.
Make some faces in the mirror.
Brush some more.
Spit some bubbles.
Left handed boys have a hard time getting all the corners.
Blow some bubbles.
Stick out your tongue.
Oops, dripped some.
Rinse, swish, spit, spit, spit.
Drink some more so we can spit some more.
Done with that.

Potty break.
Have a chit chat with yourself.

Throw pillows at girls.

Ask a bunch of questions.
“But what are we doing tomorrow?”
“Can we go swimming?”
“Why do cats need food?”
“Can I drive a jeep when I’m big?”
“I like when Kennedy squeals!”

Get a bedtime reminder.

Goes downstairs.
Chats with Dad.
“Is it to late for a Bible story?”

Read, wiggle and pray.
Time for bed.
Flip flop across the floor.

Arrange the pillow.
Straighten the blanket.
Oops, flip the blanket over.
The right side is a must.
Crawl in.
Fix the blanket.

Hugs and kisses goodnight.
Tuck Little Boy Blue in.

Sigh with relief.


Hear noises.
He’s fixing the nightlight.
Back in bed.

2 minutes later.
Pitter patter.
A drink is needed to quench his thirst.