The Cabin

I’ve been thinking about childhood memories the last month.
There is something about them that just draws you in,
makes you smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Times you now treasure
that were just a common occurrence back then.

Some of the best memories I have is of times spent at the cabin.

Cabin Photo Op

Across the road and up the barn lane,
around the buildings,
down a dirt road, bouncing over the ruts.
Over the creek, up another hill,
across a field, over a hill,
and there it sat.

Nestled in the trees was the cabin
and at the bottom of the hill lay the pond.

The rough cabin was built many years ago
by my Dad and his brothers.
Just one room with bunks for sleeping
and a table beside the pop bellied stove.
Outside there was a wrap around porch,
a big fire pit and a row of swings.
We rarely spent time inside,
all the activity revolved around the outside.

Erica Tris

Summer afternoons the phone would ring,
it would be an Uncle or one of the Aunts,
“Want to go to the cabin for supper?”
And that’s all it took to create an evening party.

In my young mind it was easy.
We got a phone call,
threw some things in the back of the truck,
and away we went.
Knowing what I know now, with my Mother mind,
it was probably a lot of work,
but they made it happen.

Cabin Girls

Everyone just brought what they had.
Hotdogs, chips, cookies or cake,
and a stop at the grocery for buns.
Often they would whip up a freezer of homemade ice cream,
which was eaten year around by this gang.
For special occasions we would
grill BBQ chicken and bring the works for supper.

Uncle Ern lived next to us and he was always the first one there.
The fire was smoking by the time
Grandpa, Grandma and Sharon came.
The rest of us dribbled in as soon as
the guys were done with the chores.

Cabin Boat

Before the vehicle would stop,
barefooted kids were jumping out
and running for the pond.
Sometimes we swam,
other times we fished or just waded in the water.
If the boat was in working order,
every kid needed a ride.
A walk around the pond
sometime during the night was a must.

Cabin Sharon

The adults relaxed on their lawn chairs and swings,
catching up on news while roasting the hot dogs.

When the food was ready,
Grandpa gave a yell and we all came running.
We gathered in a circle and he began his usual prayer.
“Our kind, gracious, heavenly Father,
we thank thee for thy great love and mercy.
Thank you for this food, do bless it,
and help us to use it for thy honor and glory.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
The kids peeked at each other and grinned
because the prayer never failed to be the same.
We all knew it by heart,
usually mouthing the words along with him.


We clambered for our food around the picnic table,
talking and laughing.
Often we headed down to the water to sit on the dock
and swing our wet feet while we ate,
occasionally feeding the fish our food.

When the sun started dropping,
we meandered back to the fire
listening to adults talk and roasting marshmallows.
When the sky grew dark and mosquitoes started biting,
it was time to go home.
No one stayed late because farmers don’t sleep in.
There were turkeys, cows and fields of corn waiting in the morning.


We didn’t have a storybook life,
this was just an evening of relaxing
and enjoying the company of family after a hard day of work.
And enjoy it, we did!


Sweeter memories are not found, but that of childhood.

Life ‘Round Here

Blog 9-26 (9)

Good Sunshiny morning from Ohio.

These mornings are just the best.
Cool, crisp, and foggy.
Coffee never tasted better
and we have nothing better to do
then sit on the porch, sip it and watch the sun rise.

Blog 9-26 (10)

We live a life of leisure, wining and dining the days away.

Blog 9-26 (8)

We do brunches, lunches, and coffee breaks,
sitting with friends and family.

Blog 9-26 (4)

Throw in an elegant wedding occasionally and we are good to go!

In reality this may or may not be happening.

Trust me, back on the farm there is real life abounding.

Blog 9-26 (12)

We get up early and read to our babies!

Blog 9-26 (5)

We watch patiently, or not,
the entire 12 minutes it takes to bake cookies.

Blog 9-26 (6)

We steal cookies and wear big bows brother sticks in our hair.

Blog 9-26 (7)

We climb trees.
And then look down and wonder how we got up here.

Blog 9-26 (13)

We stalk the neighboring Amish school,
wishing we dared to take pictures while they kids played.

Blog 9-26 (14)

We drive jeeps. and more jeeps. too many jeeps.
We park. We have parades. We teach little sister to drive.

Blog 9-26 (2)

We go to Mc Donald’s and play to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday.
It doesn’t matter that Grandpa lives many miles away
and wasn’t with us that day.

Blog 9-26 (1)

We also poke our fingers into every soft tomato that we find.

Blog 9-26 (16)

We do trips to Home Depot and drive the big bus.
What a jolly good time we (they) had.

Blog 9-26 (3)

We leave the sour gummy worms on the table opened
and someone helps herself.

Blog 9-26 (11)

That someone also growls at the screen when this picture comes up.
We don’t have to wonder why.

Blog 9-26 (15)

We go church camping and take pretty pictures.

We are enjoying real life.
Next up according to Mr D.
Finding enough leaves for a pile to jump in.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to be a spy.”
Sibling reply: “But you can’t. You go to church!!”

Walk by Faith

I came across this the other day…


This is hard,
who wants to walk a path blindly?
We are human, we want to see, to know what’s coming,
to prepare for what’s ahead.

But what happens when God asks us to walk by Faith?
When it feels dark with despair, to dark to see.
Do we stumble along in that darkness,
fighting to find the way alone?

I think it’s then we feel a hand,
a hand reaching out to take ours, to lead us.
It’s then we place our hand in His and walk by faith,
trusting that where he is leading will be ok.
It will be ok, because he will always be with us,
never leaving or forsaking, but always by our side.

No matter where our path leads,
He is there.

Psalm 139:9-10,

If I ride the wings of the morning,
if I dwell by the farthest oceans,
even there your hand will guide me,
and your strength will support me.


Join me in praying for my friend Vera.
She is starting the journey with Chemo today,
and I’m sure she would appreciate prayers.

Jesus, today we call out to you.
Place your hand in hers, walk this path with her.
Ride the winds of this storm with her,
support her with your strength.
Be her comfort, her rock, her strong tower.
Cleanse her with your healing touch,
for you are the Mighty One.

With you we will walk by faith, trusting.

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies 3

It’s baking day because it officially feels like Fall.
(and because the kids claim there is nothing in the house to eat)
Bread, coffee cake, pumpkin cookies, and 2 pumpkin pies.
This kitchen is officially closed.

Does pumpkin stuff taste good to you at other times of the year?
Pumpkin cookies, pie or bars just don’t appeal to me in the Spring or Summer. It’s a Fall food.
Am I crazy or is my family who thinks any time is a good time for Pumpkin Pie.


I’ve posted this recipe before, but here it is again,
just as good as it was the 1st time.

Pumpkin Cookies.

2 C Crisco
2 C sugar
-cream together

2 C pumpkin
  2 eggs
  2 tsp Vanilla
– mix

Combine then add…
4 C flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
 2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt

Bake at 350* for 12 min.
Frost with caramel icing.

And in case you want a good recipe for

Carmel Icing

1 stick of butter
1 C. Brown Sugar
-bring to a boil and then add
1/4 C milk
-bring to a boil again, remove from heat and add
2 C. Powdered Sugar

I usually make a batch and a half on the frosting to have enough for these cookies.


Happy eating.
Don’t stop with just one.

This week and More

Random photos of the last few days, weeks, months,
or whatever strikes my fancy today.
That’s how we roll right now.
Last minute, whatever sounds good.

blog 9-12 (1)

I am feeling slightly sleep deprived,
I think an afternoon coffee would be in order.
Pinterest produced a recipe for a Salted Caramel Mocha Latte
and it seems to be calling my name. rather loudly.

blog 9-12 (4)

Fall is in the air.
Never mind, not just in the air,
it’s all over the ground already.
As in hundreds of leaves.
Aside from the falling leaves,
we had a very good bag of Gala Apples
that were feasted upon.
Since they were on the table,
and that is Little Ones favorite spot,
we often found an apple with a small bite out of it.

blog 9-12 (2)

Speaking of Little One.
If she is hiding under the desk or behind the chair,
she is usually doing something naughty.
She had a tube of chap stick that she quickly stuck in the cooler.


After hearing much wailing,
Mom snaps, “Reagan, share the helmet!”
A muffled voice replied, “Well, by my calculations, it’s not his turn yet!”


blog 9-12 (10)

One of the last warm days we had, he had the hose!

blog 9-12 (11)

Everything close to him was completely soaked until he was done.
As in windows, sister and all. yes. everything.

blog 9-12 (12)

He dumped water down the slide to make it “much more slicker”
and so it was. Rather got out of hand on him. :)

blog 9-12 (9)

There are days it is necessary to wear a head lamp to do your naughty work.

For the life of me I cannot spell necessary. not ever.
Spell Check, let me count the ways I love thee!


Today is “fight with your sibling day.”
Oh seriously, how could you not know (hear) that?

Maybe that’s why there is a for sale sign at the neighbors.


R: “You’re the cat and I’m the dog.”
D: “No!”
R: “Ok, I’m the dog and you’re the cat.”
D: “Noooooo!”
(This used to work on him but not anymore.)


blog 9-12 (8)

Where is this man when I need him to keep the peace?
Oh, yes, how could I forget, he has a job too!

Read this in your best whiny-wailing voice:
“Reagan just went and zoomed right straight into the bathroom
just right in front of me and now I can’t go because she just zoomed
in before I could and now she’s just in there and I can’t gooooooooo.”

Yeah. It’s that kind of day.


blog 9-12 (7)

All at once Mr D decided he wants to do school work, so we shall.
He had zero interest in this until the girls started school.


“Mom, if you see a worm, don’t even take one swallow!”
Thanks for the warning. I’ll try and refrain
although I am trying to imagine why a worm
would be close enough for me to swallow.


blog 9-12 (5)

This was my lunch on Salsa day.
Try it some day.
I’ll probably be receiving a hefty donation
from the Oreo company for starting a fad like this.
(Do you think they’ll see it’s not the real Oreo brand?)

blog 9-12 (6)

“Mom, where are we?”

“Ohhh, I see our lane!”

blog 9-12 (13)

This ^^ has become a bit of a problem.
If I hear a loud “Yeah!” from anywhere in the house,
usually behind the chair,
I know that she has found the phone and is trying to find her app.

How did this happen?
My 18 month old can run my phone.

So, everything is put up high.
Not that it does any good,
because with the help of a chair,
she can climb anywhere she pleases.

blog 9-12 (14)

When he hears it, he is attached to her side.
They really don’t watch much
but give them the chance and they are happy to oblige!


 You can only ignore wailing so long.